Underdog Dynasty - Houston Offseason

The biggest issue is up front offensively. If I’m Applewhite, my primary focus this offseason is setting a new mindset in the trenches. Too many times the offense was limited to just passing the ball because they needed to abandon the run game. It didn’t seem like there was any nastiness on the line this year, and too many missed blocks plagued the rushing attack. Players like Duke Catalon, Mulbah Car, and Dillon Birden were forced to be primarily pass catchers because there was nowhere to run. That needs to change in 2018. Houston has plenty of talent returning next year, but the mentality needs to be adjusted. The skill position talent and potential will be wasted if they can’t run the ball, and Applewhite will be without a job if they struggle again next season. Assuming he’s not let go this year.

That’s a pretty fair write up. I think this all comes down to the OC if he hires the right guy who gets is back on track he’s on his way. But if he hires a Mehringer or a Johnson to coordinator we can probably start help him pack.


If he hires a coordinator and requires he stick to the system we have seen for the last 3 years, we will conitinue to be frustrated unless we get much much much better at technique (coaching) and game day execution. CMA needs to hire a quality coordinator and get out of the way.


It’s what most of us have been saying . No more Mister Nice Guy.

I personally have to put this one of the Offensive Line coach more than the Offensive Coordinator.

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