Underdog Dynasty Preview of Cincy game

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Thanks Cary, good article. I think that more than anything, the turnover margin will again be the key. Hopefully, we can play a “clean” game with no turnovers, and if we net 2 from them, we have a chance…
Their DL (seemingly always) is really good, and our OL will have to have an outstanding effort to give us a chance…

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After how they finished the game last week they better come out a compete hard for the full game. But we have yet to see a full game out of Dana coached squad

just hoping for no new injuries so we can begin to get back to healthy status for remainder of schedule

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We have talent. If we play a perfect game…who knows. But it is imperative that the coaching staff drills into to the team that you are good but you ain’t that good that you can be stupid and win.

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This will not be well liked post but I don’t expect anything different than what we’ve been seeing in the first games. I’m not sure if we’re undisciplined or if we just seem to have lapses at the worst times but I don’t see a “perfect” game as a possibility.

We don’t run the ball well, we don’t pass protect very well, we can’t stop the pass, and we seem to be out of gas every fourth quarter. No Marquez will hurt as it did last week. Seems like without him our “attack” was horizontal not vertical. When we did pass it deep it was so badly overthrown it gave us no chance.

I love some posters enthusiasm and belief that we can be the team they want us to be but I look at it a little more simply. We are not that good and are probably, at best, a year or two away from being where we want to be. I understand all the optimism when we all post our win/loss guesses for the upcoming season but some people are either trying to be funny or not very realistic about where we are as a team. The schedule now and at the start of the season never had more than four or five wins on it if we were honest with ourselves.


Can’t argue with any of that.