"Uniform-for-Game" Dilemma

Please help, my fellow Coogs.

I’ve worn the same old wet cat gray t-shirt throughout the tournament. I have not washed it. I only put it on for the game (mostly :smiley:) then take it off…so it’s not too ripe. I decided on this shirt because it’s brought luck in the past.

Now that our guys are wearing an away uniform (is it red or black?)…I’m thinking of changing to coincide with the team uni change.

I have a black jumpman UH Basketball t-shirt.

Also have a red Nike dri-fit t-shirt with the current UH logo.

There is no known bad (or good) karma with either.

Should I change to either or stay with the wet cat?

You already know the answer, stay with the wet cat.


I say No. I have same shorts shirt underwear socks hanging up unwashed to wear tomorrow.


You have to keep your routine


Stay with the wet cat


The team took these photos for the Final Four so maybe it’s a hint that they will wear these?

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Well, the wife and her sister are going to be pleasantly surprised, I think, as they weren’t here last time when I was buck naked watching the COOGS in the TV room but I’m not changing my routine. I’m interested to see if their is surprise, shock or laughter on their faces. Stay tuned.


Wet. Cat.


I have proven, scientifically, that lucky clothes are bogus. Wear what you want to wear.

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Wear something else so we all have something to blame besides the team if they lose


Wet cat. I have worn the same jersey-over-hoodie combo since the first Cincy game. Ain’t changing a thing.


Come on doc. You really mean that? :blush:

I dunno. I’ve been underwhelmed by these Jordan unis. We’ve had better uniforms in the past. :unamused:

Did we just throw away our black uniforms :joy::joy:those are my favorite and we have worn them maybe once or twice lol? We will probably get new ones next year

I have proven. Scientifically, that lucky clothes are magical and we should all wear them!


The team is wearing red today…but please wear the wet cat shirt!

Wet cat logo is way better than our Penn State logo…

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They are wearing Red today!

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I vote “Wet cat”.

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Like the classic script Cougars myself.

Ok all…
I have the wet cat shirt on and I’m ready. Let’s go!!!

side note: I took the 2nd Moderna dose yesterday and feel like crap. But powering on!