Uniforms for Tech

Yes, black absorbs heat the best. Let them fry.

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The rule used to be that a visiting team not wearing white would have to give up a timeout for each half in which they wore the “offending” uniform. USC and UCLA used to just agree to both play with two timeouts to get around it. Nike/UA/Adidas pushed to get the rule eliminated.

…Yes? As we should? Because who cares what color our opponents are wearing as long as we’re wearing our home colors?

On Reddit tech fans are saying the players will wear white jerseys, the call to wear black was so their fans don’t look like UH fans. We will see tomorrow.

For the record, I would be all for them wearing black, in Houston, at 11am in the first month of football.


Why so dramatic?

Unless you’re colorblind, then it all looks the same

Tech Tards.

Tech is in all white

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With a red helmet.