Uniforms vs TCU


All reds


Love the solid color with the red shoes


Was thinking of wearing my new, white, UH button up shirt tomorrow. No more.


Nice P5 opener.

I had suggested all brown.

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Hate it, it’s not a real UH uniform without blue trim.


Clean ! They have all they need …B12 and Houston !
Go Coogs …mash the lizzies !

I hope the players that wear those uniforms show up for the opening kickoff. Someone make sure that the game time is posted in the locker room, on the players’ phones, and on their social media pages. Last week, some players didn’t show up until the second half. Someone flip CDH’s playbook to page 2 or 3. I’ve seen what’s on page 1. Run, run, pass, punt doesn’t work. Let’s see what’s on page 2 or 3. Maybe something creative? Let’s hope so.


Wear you knee-high red socks or it won’t work

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That’s a given. Although, last year saw me trash a few UH themed socks after they proved to be bad luck.

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These all red unis look so much better than when the Texans trot out their “Battle Red” ones.

Let’s go Coogs- beat the Frogs!


We should add blue pants to the blue jerseys and wear them every game.

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So our three and outs will appear to have a longer duration to the men watching. That is something.

Pirate captain prepping to attack a ship . . . . . “Bring me my red shirt”. “Why”, asks his cabin boy.
“In case I am wounded, the crew will notice, and they will continue to fight”.

A few weeks later, while preparing to attack another ship, someone notices it is a war ship. Captain turns to his cabin boy and says “Bring me my brown pants”

Our colors are red AND white! I protest this.

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I’ll be wearing my armor

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Good luck. Its gonna be hot

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