Unis and only these

Our Official Third Color is Silver.

I say we just go by the university colors and get one of these silver jerseys but with UH red.

Get Lauren Sampson on the phone :telephone_receiver: :writing_hand:

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That’s their Globetrotter uniform.


Looks like they are playing in garbage bags.

I actually really like those lol

Do you know how many uniforms combos we have had since the 80’s? I stopped counting. What better way to use the Phi Slama Jama uniform to identify your program?
Why make it so complicated when you can use the very uniform that is known for our best ever Basketball era?
Why use fruit of the loom type jerseys in the first place?

Now everyone do we want to build a legacy or not? IMO this starts with a uniform that stands from almost every other today.

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I don’t know what kind of blue we wore as trim in both major sports in the 70’s and 80’s but it’s our in-house version of the Michigan or Buckeye football helmet. It’s that iconic in our sports history.

I wouldn’t put too much into black or dark blue, here is an example of UH doing both in the past:

Black trim

Blue trim

If youre a 90s kid like me, we grew up on some wild NBA unis, and some of my favorite baseball unis were from that era, so no surprise many of us have similar taste in adding blue to the unis. Every sports franchise in Houston has featured dark blue at one point.

Couple more examples where the trim was clearly black


The picture with Fabian and Josh is dark lighting, Lauren Sampson confirmed on Twitter all three season retros are blue trim, its just a darker blue trim.

We need to go back to Hakeem, Elvin and Andre Ware days and bring back the blue


I actually bought a ticket just to see those in person. Ugly as sin, but in a way that makes them lovable once a year.

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Any idea if they sell these?

No, that would be to obvious for our crack athletic department.