University of Houston developing model to prevent Deepwater Horizon-like

“We are trying to apply fundamental science and engineering processes to predict when a catastrophic event might occur and to develop new methodologies to monitor the process,” said Krishnamoorti, the school’s chief energy officer and director of its Subsea Systems Institute.

And last month, the team received $1.2 million from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s Gulf Research Program to continue their research. Prior to this grant, the project was funded by $50,000 from the institute, created in 2015 to find ways to reduce the risk of offshore accidents and oil spills following the 2010 accident.


I respect what they are trying to do but the Horizon disaster was caused by humans not using their brains. IMO, humans will always have to use their brains, and that is right. A machine that is programmed to shut things down at a certain point when humans fail to act is necessary.