University of Houston Hilton Hotel to get $30.4M upgrade

University of Houston Hilton Hotel to get $30.4M upgrade

A $30.4 million expansion of the on-campus hotel at the University of Houston could add a five-story tower with 71 new guest rooms as well as revamp the hotel’s current rooms, courtyard, lobby and public spaces.

The Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management is a “teaching hotel” where Hilton College hospitality students work and take classes. Tuition revenue bonds will fund the hotel’s expansion, an announcement said.

The UH System Board of Regents approved the measure at its Feb. 28 board meeting.

“The constraint of having only 86 rooms has made us an anomaly in the marketplace, but we are, in fact, a full-service Hilton franchisee,” Dennis Reynolds, dean of Hilton College, said in the announcement. “Our new 151-room hotel will provide for a more realistic learning experience for our students because we will be operating in a manner more typical of a full-service non-teaching hotel.”

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Badly needed.

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I live here now but if I was an out of towner, I’d want to stay on campus in that hotel. This is a great addition for us or visiting teams. Are we unique in having an on campus hotel with a lot of rooms?

No. Most big college campuses have one. I know for a fact UGeorgia has one and i also think USC does too.

What makes ours a bit different is it’s association with a stand alone hospitality college.

Not many schools can boast of that.

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