University of Houston Medical School

I’m assuming all of you get the University of Houston Magazine… but if not, there is a good article about the planning stages of the UH-Med School. The “Planning Dean” is Dr. Stephen Spann, who has been on faculty at OU Medical School, UTMB & Baylor College of Medicine.


I’ve seen the article. Let’s hope that this Med School opens soon!!!

Article by Ben Wermund about UT’s new Med School and the complications it may cause for others:

UT opens Austin medical school with eye toward mixing medicine with health care innovation
But some fear effects of wave of expansion
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However, the new medical school in Austin is opening at the end of a wave of medical school expansion across the country that some experts fear has oversaturated the market with graduates in need of physician residency spots and other post-medical school education required to actually practice medicine.

UT also is opening a second medical school this year, in the Rio Grande Valley, which will bring the number of medical schools in Texas to 10, with two more slated to open in 2017. In addition, University of Houston officials have expressed interest in a medical school.

The state’s commissioner of higher education, who has pushed back against plans to build more medical schools, has warned that graduates eventually may have to cross state lines to find residencies - a bad sign for Texas, considering most doctors practice near the location of their last residency.

Sounds like a component of getting the medical school approved would be a plan for getting residencies in Texas.

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