Unofficial injury list for Thursday


I think also DE Payton Turner is disqualified for the first half of the game.

I don’t think that’s true. Turner should be eligible to play the entire game, unless the American has a different rule than the Big 12.

Well that’s why I said “I think” instead of listing it with the rest. :slight_smile:

I know our defense is thin and injured and we need the most able-bodied guys out there but I just think it sends the wrong message to the team if Applewhite allows him to start after the bonehead penalties he had last Saturday.

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The first one was completely BS.

Nope. I saw it. He clearly took a big swing at the guy. Doesn’t matter if he punches like a girl. That gets called 100% of the time and I told my buddy that I hoped Applewhite yanked him from the game after that.

It wasn’t offsetting penalties because one was presnap and one was post whistle. They should have marched it 5 yards back and 15 yards forward so they had the yardage wrong but it was a first down regardless.

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Corbin and J.Singleton also went down late in the game and didn’t return…haven’t heard anything on their status.

This was my source.

It has dates next to the report so if it’s accurate, Corbin and J. Singleton weren’t reported by Applewhite as injured.

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So we’re basically a mid-tier CUSA team for the rest of the year. Thanks. I have already adjusted my expectations accordingly.

I think the disqualifications for the next game are only for targeting.