Unpleasant hot takes

Pesiks Unpleasant Hot takes

  • This team’s ISO scoring is the weakest under Sampson, even compared to our initial terrible team with him. Stiggers surpasses anyone on the current roster in ISO scoring. If I had one shot to win a game, I’d choose every rotational guard on the Grimes era team over anyone on the current roster– Grimes, Sasser, Mills, Mark, Dejon, all superior ISO scorers.

  • Mark leaving ended up being a negative for both sides

  • LJ is an elite #2 player but struggles as a #1 player, especially against strong defensive teams. Tight defense limits his scoring, as he thrives with set shots, which are harder to get as the #1 scorer, where you regularly take on DPOY candidates, and 6’8 defenders and cant sneak into the corner for open 3s. he struggles taking on the role of the primary scorer where he has to beat player off the dribble or take off balance shots. He would have been a great pairing with Grimes not a great replacement for him. Don’t get me wrong LJ is not bad, he shines against weaker defenses where he can find spots for set shots, might even go for 30 at some point. but i doubt his capability versus quality

  • Curious about our adaptation strategies after this loss because we would normally change it up after 2 losses but our bench strength is really weak. The options for change seem limited, perhaps considering starting Dunn over Cryer, though Sampson i doubt Sampson would do that, or starting Dunn over Sharp, which he might do but i really dont like that idea.

  • Against strong defensive teams, leveraging Sharp i think is our best option. Utilizing him like Jarron Cumberland – bulldozing to the rim or taking 3pt shots. Sharp’s free throw accuracy is like 97% and has the ability to hit clutch 3s over tight defenders. that is the difference, lj is better shooter but sharp is better at making uncomfortable shots. despite needing improvement in his handles to reach that level, he does have the potential to be a Myles Powell-type player in future seasons (context: powell debated as the best scorer in basketball a few years ago)

  • The ending was atrocious, but it’s promising to see Dunn improving on offense. He also effectively got their best shooter in foul trouble. One bad play shouldn’t overshadow the overall development. but that last play was atrocious

  • Now the hot conversation topic: everyone on the roster has eligibility, but the initial design expected Shead, LJ, Dunn, and Terrance to go pro (potentially J’wan to based on age). Now, it’s complicated as any of them going pro would be really unwise. This is where its complicated when you are the #1/#2 team thats a great thing, you lose bench and incoming freshmen if you need- you don’t forcibly destroy the rotation of a top 2 team. BUT The roster needs shaping, especially addressing the surplus in scholarships AS IS (already over). but we probably need a more proven guard scorer transfer and a big with offensive capabilities. its shaping up to an interesting offseason


Reasonable well thought out post. Lots of folks could take note, but we got a board full of hot takes. SMH


My concern is who is our go to guy for a clutch basket or to carry a team for a whole game. Right now we have several who can step up with a big game, but no one who can consistently do it


L.J is on a cold streak right now but I believe that he will come out of it eventually and start playing like he did earlier in the season. No TA really hurts us and we probably win at least 1 of the games against ISU and TCU if he is healthy/


Terrance wasn’t going pro after this year, he just isn’t ready and with the injury for sure he isn’t going pro


I agree with most of this @pesik. I really have some questions on roster construction the last 2 years.6’10 bigs aren’t the end all be all but it would be nice to have some size to bring in the game. We are basically undersized everywhere but the 4 when Jwan is in


seeing highlights of the 21-22 season where we actually had a legit stretch 4 and a big with an offensive skillset feels so foreign compared to this team lmao


i agree kinda noted that myself… and think we need to start looking at sharp to be that guy and building that role for him

lj has gotten enough touches to be that guy he is just not that guy…if we arent finding him open for 3 (harder vs good team) he isnt the same player… jamal is who jamal is …

sharp on the other hand hasn’t really been getting touches, its slowly improving but earlier in the season there wasnt a concerted effort to get him shots. i think that has to change and he also has to change his mentality and realize he is the guy … and im not just talking about his shooting, as that wont come every game, but has that he has to go and get contact and get to the free throw line… he is 17/18 at the line … imagine us getting him to the line 3-5 times a game (6-10 ft attempts per - free points). he is currently doing 3 attempts per game and that probably drops to 2 if you remove him being our end of game ft shooter

weirdly enough if he did become the guy, i actually think that would help cryer as he would be getting a lot more cleaner looks at the 3


i was talking roster construction, it was evident he didnt take the leaps he needed to when the season started but he was a consensus top 30 prospect to go pro in the offseason when we were building this roster and recruiting 2025 players… Terrance coming back with the draft stock he had would have been the highest player to come back… similar to LJ…

when this roster was built, there was probably some expectation that a lot o guys would be doing better and that this would be their last year…


I can’t really call these hot takes when they are all true honestly

As for the last part, only player that definitely needs to go is Wilson and mayybe Walker

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My hot take is we have 4-5 rosters spots that aren’t productive. 2 redshirts which is understandable, Lath, Wilson and Walker


Sure wish we had landed cross from Tulane. Instead he’s gonna do zip in New Orleans. Sucks


In the 2nd half I remember saying he’s colder than a fridge right now. Lol in a close game he didn’t need to be taking shots nor did he need to take last shot vs ISU.


The unpleasant truth is our talent.

Not world class. ISU and TCU both are our equal in talent.

Having neither Tugler nor Lath as effective Big Men is a killer. And Francis cannot shoot. And Sampson always says good things about him. This is largely a recruiting failure which Sampson cannot admit.

Better talent arrives next season, This is a season we must endure and enjoy. Not a Final Four squad.


I don’t think we’re a final four squad, either. But much smarter basketball minds than I (media) think we are a final four team. I’ll go with them until my suspicions are proven true. Just stay in the top 10 until the tourney and roll the dice in March.


im about to give a super got take here… isu and tcu are more talented than us… we just have a better coach

isu has a top 10 5star coming off the bench, tcu has 20pt transfer jameer nelson, a center transfer that averaged a double double, and 2 6’7 players sharp seniors (coles, obannon) all coming off the bench… tcu’s bench would beat our bench by like 30


The cold facts is that we are playing in the B12 now. CKS himself mentioned it. We are like it or not “adapting” to the BIG12 level. In due time I am 100% confident that we will rise to the BIG12 level. Having to play much tougher teams in the regular schedule is new to us. By March madness we will have enough “off road” mileage to get us far. Even though we ought to be better at the FT line.


Exactly. But the FT coaches and people who think college basketball is about having a 7 footer (aka the football fans) think they know better.

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I agree with the talent comments.

Sampson has not reeled in enough talent.

His 3 Freshmen recruits are being redshirted(2) and not scoring much(Tugler).

His January 2023 recruit, Lath, does not play. Essentially that is almost 0 for 4.

The transfers, Dunn and Cryer, are not at all replacements for Sasser.

The heart of this year’s problems start and stop with recruiting. Did not get it done.


I agree about Mark. We definitely miss him.