U Tube now has up some of our great games of the past. I usually do the search for our games and these haven’t come up before and include our 1988 game against UT. Incredible win with AW and Spoon. Also games against Arkansas, Penn State and others. I don’t know who found these and put them up but THANK YOU.


Yeah I looked on you tube and found some old games which is really cool.


I’ll never forget Brent Musberger opening NFL Today and saying, “before we get started I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the University of Houston’s Johnny Jackson…”



Here it is. Audio is a few seconds behind unless someone knows a better version.


I watched and enjoyed seeing us whip up on UT but best viewed with sound off otherwise distracting.


Looks like Shasta was hungry for some Bevo

As far as results, this was my favorite road game of all time. Not only did we beat UT in Austin, we destroyed them. My dad took me, and we actually had tickets in the UT alum section. That was my first experience is taking joy in others misery, boy were the Horn fans mad. and watching the video, 24 years later i can say it looks like we did get one on that Punt recovery for a td.
Back then kids, there was no replay video, and if you didnt see a game live you were lucky to ever see a highlight. I have that image seared in my mind of Chuck Weatherspoon landing on the ball in the endzone and then jumping up and pointing at the ref for a td call. Me and my Dad were already huge Spoooooooon fans by then.(thanks poster Ghoul for those signs in the dome) . This game is great for Spoon fans, he makes two huge fumble recoveries on special teams and starts to impact the offense in the second quarter. When Ut starts to blitz in the second half Spoon destroys them with two runs that total 129 yards. He really did average 10 yards a carry for the season. Seeing the video just reminds me of what unique athlete he was. I didn’t realize he was from California, if anybody has any Spoon stories or info, id love to hear it.
If you ever read the game threads you can tell some of our fans still miss these days. We are up 28-3 with a minute thirty left i in the 1st half. We dont hesitate marching the ball down the field and take shots at the end zone until we go up 35-3.
I feel sorry for the Ut QB, our D dominated that guy all day long. Some special talent on that side of the ball.

If we do end up playing UT in 2023 can we please suit up Johnny Jackson, i think he is guaranteed an int every time he plays UT.