Update on Tom Herman: It’s all about relationships

Update on Tom Herman: It’s all about relationships

In speaking with sources connected to Tom Herman throughout the past hours, days, weeks and months, it’s clear Herman believes he can win national championships at LSU, Texas or Houston. The money all three will offer him is great, but it won’t separate one over the others. As he said earlier this week, Herman spent most of his career making peanuts anyway.

What this week boils down to, then, will be relationships. That refers to the people he’ll be working with on his staff on a day-to-day basis, and the people within the athletics department and the university with whom he’ll be working.

The relationships Herman enjoys currently at Houston — with AD Hunter Yuracheck, U of H president Renu Khator and U of H board chairman Tillman Fertitta — are outstanding. Houston provides Herman the freedom and control to run the program as he sees fit, and that arrangement has worked out fabulously for both sides. We understand Houston is going to bump his best-in-class salary to the $5 million range and make his staff salary pool competitive with Power 5 programs as well.


"Sources connected to Herman tell us the coach and his representatives were very upset at last night’s leak and the manner in which it went public"
So how should WE interpret that? You be the judge.

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Sounds like yesterday’s news didn’t get “leaked” by Herman’s people and they’re not happy about losing control of the conversation.

A lot of bombs coming out of Gameday

Finebaum stating Herman and agent playing games with LSU

Squeaky mouse Desmond stated Herman was not a good fit for LSU

Reece stating he was told Herman is on his way to Austin this morning

What happens to UH recruiting if CTH turns down both LSU & UT?
Who is the player and who are the playees? Scripted & directed from Zeke Cullen?

UT fired Strong. They wouldn’t do that unless they had a deal in place that Herman’s people has tentatively agreed to. Next man up.

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Herman is looking like a huge phoney . His agent, for whom he is responsible, looks to have thrown flames on the fire with LSU leaks in order to get UT to fire Charlie and juice up the offer to Herman. If Herman is interviewing for another job, Hunter needs to “cut him loose” by reassigning him to a janitorial job

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I am not mad at Herman for leaving. It’s UT, it’s a P5 and when UH didn’t get the B12 invite, you knew the clock was ticking. I am not really happy with the way it went down. You cannot tell me he wasn’t negotiating with LSU/UT during the season. You cannot tell me that it wasn’t a distraction to the staff and players. I just wish coaches would wait until the regular season is over with to do this. UT/LSU would have waited for him. But instead he chose not to.

I get the reasons, but not happy about how it happened. Now on to the next coach.

I would say negotiations and phone calls started popping up on Friday after UH dismantled Louisville

Tom TURDman!

I would say the negotiations started after we beat Cinncy to go 5 - 0 and ranked 6th.

I think you are right.


CTH and FAU won over terrible Monmouth 42-20.
See how they do next week. I still like his coaching style. Not thrilled he left but I might have done the same to test myself out.
I would like to think I would have waited til after the season, but you never know until you are confronted with the situation.

Lol that is cringe


Looks like that smile under duress my kids do for school picture day.