Update on UH 2021 Football Commits

Does anyone have any current insight into our recruiting efforts? I just took a look at the 24-7 website 2021 UH Commits page. Understand we have 11 hard commits, including Kopp the St Thomas QB, along with 7 on the defensive side of the ball. I’m sure the COVID protocols have cut back on official campus visits, but I’m sure we’re recruiting via Zoom. Also, any awareness if we’re targeting any players in the transfer portal?

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We are constantly recruiting via zoom, FaceTime, text, virtual tours etc. Dana says he expected to sign 12 next week. He says they won’t reach just to get a commit but be patient and wait to sign as many as possible in February via regular recruits and the portal


Appreciate the update. Seems CDH is pretty astute at picking up xfers well into Spring.
Any idea if the coaching staff have a pretty good rapport with the area HS coaches?


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How many scholarships are available for our 2021 class?

CDH said we have 24 to give because we had a blue shirt (can’t remember the name) that took one of the 25. I’m not sure what blue shirts are and how that works. I can’t remember the blue and gray shirt protocol.

Maybe a preferred walk-on

I think that was James Fulbright


Here is a chart I found that explains the different shirts:

Shirt type On scholarship? Can play? Can practice? Meaning
Redshirt Yes No Yes Athlete sits from competition for a year, then gets another year to complete four seasons.
Grayshirt No No No Athlete waits an extra semester to become a full-time student and part of the team.
Blueshirt Yes No Yes Athlete is not formally recruited, but is put on scholarship at start of freshman practice.
Greenshirt Yes Yes Yes Athlete enrolls in school a semester early.
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Is the December signing date today?

No, it’s next Wednesday.

December 16, 2020

Prospective Student-Athletes Signing 2020-21 and Enrolling 2021-22

Sport (s) Initial Signing Date
Division I Football ( Early Period ) December 16, 2020
Division I and II Football (Midyear JC Transfer) December 16, 2020

Again thanks

Theron Stroops was the player

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Not to question our leadership and staff but why are we so slow at recruiting? The recruiting year has absolutely changed. December 16 might be called the early signing period but the vast majority of kids are signing then and the better high school recruits and jucos sign then and then enroll in the spring to get a jump on learning the system. I am sure all of the players being recruited are diamonds in the rough and secretly the best out there, but we have 10 commits according to 247 and they don’t have the kicker as a recruit yet. This is class number 3. Every school is dealing with covid. Every recruit is dealing with covid. We seem to be recruiting at a lower tier pace. And we just lost our second best DB in our class yesterday.

Starting to be concerned. If we are waiting for February there will not be a lot of talent around.

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I would expect a quite a bit of our recruiting activity this year to be focused on the transfer portal.

I’m not too sure when those transfer players would sign, but probably not until February?

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