Update to the Amazing 64 Points Allowed Results

Just went through last six seasons, and might have miscounted a little bit.

We played 214 games, winning 85% of them.

When our opponent scored at or below 64 points we won 94% of such games.

When an opponent above 64 points we won 63% of such games.

Overall we held opponents at or below 64 points in 71% of our games played.

Essentially we average losing 1 game per season when holding opponents at or below 64 points.

Our 2020-21 Final Four Team was perfect in this stat, going 25-0 when allowing 64 points or less. This season’s squad was 24-2.


Don’t tell bama this, nice stat work though ty

By the by if you apply these six years of stats to a 31 game season you would predict a 26-5 record. Throw in at least 2 Big 12 Tournament wins, and at least 2 March Madness wins, you are at 30 wins. Every single season! 30 wins.

Sampson won 32. He lost Tugler, Arceneaux, Walker(for 6 weeks), and then Shead in first half vs Duke. And won 32.

Sampson had an amazing season. And how far he has brought our Program!

Every season we can expect(ho-hum) 30 wins. Just another day at the Ranch.

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How about this we won every game this year when we scored 68 points or more. We’re most vulnerable when we can’t buy a basket. Only 5 losses this year and in those losses we averaged a jaw dropping 55 points a game. Iowa state took it to our offense twice