Updated indoor track coming to Alumni Center? (Confirmed)

I’ve been hearing rumors that the next facilities upgrade is to install a proper indoor banked track in the AAC. Looks like it is about to come to fruition:



UH needs to find a way to expand the spectator area with restrooms and concessions if they are going to hold more meets indoors. I think they should expand the alumni center out and up against the side of Fertitta Center to give them more space.


It will be interesting to see how it will fit in there. I believe they were going to take over some of the other areas in the building, but I haven’t seen the plans.

Still need to upgrade the outdoor track as well. It would be nice to build a legitimate track complex in the Houston area since there isn’t one currently. It would allow us to host national or international meets as well as collegiate meets and hopefully bring in some funds that way.

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I’ve thought they should take out three of the student tennis courts out and put in a concession stand and restrooms that can be used by track spectators and also for tennis. They also need to put a permanent press box on the outdoor track bleachers.

The outdoors track was renovated in 2016. It looks great.


The surface and the inner field look great, but they need to add a true press box to complete the upgrade.

I do gree that the previous renovations were impressive

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Another great job on improving athletics at UH.


This looks awesome! I noticed a press box in the pic. Now they just need to get one on the outdoor track. It also looks like there will be expanded seating so I wonder how that is going to be built into the facility? Will there be new restrooms and concessions for fans? I guess they are still going to be able to fit some volleyball courts in the far side. I’ve always thought if they would turn the volleyball courts 90 degrees and perpendicular to the track it would give them room for two full-size courts.


“It has been a goal of mine to someday get a banked track in the facility during my career here. I’m excited to say that it will happen in a few days now thanks to the generous donation and partnership with Net Lease Capital, FasTrak, Doug, Thor and Steve,” Head Coach Leroy Burrell said. “I also would be remiss if I didn’t thank our athletics administration for sharing our vision and helping us to make a dream a reality. Today is a game-changing day for our program. Our current and future student-athletes will benefit greatly from the state of the art facility we will have and will continue the tradition of excellence that is Houston Cougar Track & Field.”
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The new indoor banked track, which is valued at $2 million, was donated by Doug Blough and Net Lease Capital, while Net Least Capital Chief Financial Officer Thor Jacobs and Steve McBride provided tremendous help during the process. With the donation comes a 10-year partnership with Net Lease Capital to hold meets for all ages.




Wish it was red

Anybody know what is the connection between UH and Net Lease Capital? I looked them up, they’re a Nashua, NH real estate investment firm. I looked up those that were named in the press release, and see no connection to UH:

Doug Blough - Purdue University
Thor Jacobs - Ohio State & Cincinnati
Steve McBride - ?

Thor Jacobs’ bio on the Net Lease Capital website mentions a connection to Dunamis Sport Group, “which strives to be the premier provider of indoor track and field events nationwide.”

Looking at the Dunamis Sports Group website, it appears the track is owned by Dunamis Sports Group? On their home page it says “The Only Independently Owned Track & Field Surface in North America”.

I’m intrigued. What’s the story? Is the track actually UH’s, or is it owned by Dunamis or Net Lease Capital, and “on loan” to UH?

The article below maybe sheds a little more light on the “intent”:

Between this and the UH press release stating that the track comes with a 10-year agreement with Net Lease Capital to hold meets for all ages. Sounds like UH will be hosting indoor track and field meets sponsored by Net Lease Capital for the next 10 years?

I don’t see a downside here, with the exception of what Cougarpad mentioned…the BLUE track! :smile:

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This is a great deal. We get a great indoor track for FREE and the donating organization can host some track meets on it. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Seems like that group has a connection with the TTFCA, which the Coogs are heavily involved with. I imagine we may have heard something through the grapevine about them needing a spot for the track, we had space with the Alumni Center, deal made.


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