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Any quality bigs transfers out there? Both Harris and Grishom are foul prone. We can definitely use another 5. These undersized 4’s won’t really cut it if we want to advance deep in the tourney in the future, IMO. But I realize they’re rare; QUALITY bigs and not just space eaters.


Rarely these days does a college team go 3 deep at Center with only 13 players on the roster. [NOTE: 5 positions @ 3 deep requires 15 players.]

It seems that some folks on here are still longing for the return of Hakeem Olajuwon. With the 3 point shot, the days of the dominant big man are largely over in college hoops unless you are a Kentucky or Duke or North Carolina or maybe a Memphis (ie: the big $$$$$ programs.)

we are likely to get a big transfer…but he is more of a guard than a big…unlikely we are going to add a true big till likely 2021

sampson doesnt mind playing small. if he wanted a tall big we’d have had one already


True. He must like Ledee at 6’9 235 more than Tyreek Smith or Adu for next year (20-21 season). Ledee played great at Center against Purdue and Michigan.

Yup. If we land Ledee, we’ll probably use our last open scholarship for 2020 on one of Cryer, Beekman, or Shead. No room at the Inn for Aku or Catt unless Jarreau goes to the NBA.

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I didn’t mean a 7’1, 265 pounder. But 6’9, 240 that can rebound, guard the paint, switch on the pick and roll and is serviceable from the 3-pt line would be nice? lol I guess that’s a 4-star recruit I’m hoping for huh? Seems like teams that advance deep always have at least one of those guys.


Catt has quite the back story… Interesting and cool.

Michigan St centers are Jaedon Ledee size. And Nick Ward was only 6’8, js.

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except for guard the paint you just described ledee (the likely big transfer)… he is a bit soft in the paint …but he can do everything esle you named at 6’9 235

he thought most of his life he’d be a guard (and trained as such), but didnt stop growing …he can defend guards, can shoot extremely well. very good handles …he has blake griffin/aaron gordon potential (top 70 recruit according to espn)

not a very good post defender …if he came here i think we’d use him as a stretch 4


How about someone that’s 6’7" but has the wingspan of a 6’11" player? After all, who cares how tall the top of his head is. Tell me his standing reach.

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Ben… No… Because that 6’7 ain’t super athletic or jumps real high lol

6’7 is your average sf/pf height at the college level.

Yes. He will be a stretch 4

I’m not talking about White, just saying in general not to key in so hard at height for a center. Ben Wallace was 6’7" and was a dominant defensive center.

No way lol. He was 6’9… Go watch Malice on the Palace lol

Don’t let the fro confuse you. He’s straight up said that he’s 6’7".

Dude was also pretty athletic, strong and a long wingspan. Prolly weighted around 245.

Dude was a beast. That’s why I’m saying give me a players standing reach, tell me how high his arms go, it doesn’t matter as much where his forehead at.

Well that video was him at 17? Looks pretty dang good to me for a guy that’s 6’9”. I’m sold.

He was only 6’7 215 as a HS senior. He’s grown around 2 inches and 20 pounds in a year.