Upset Alert Troy 17 LSU 0

It could be worse boys!

That’s what they get for firing Les Miles.


What’s LSUs record? I’m too lazy to check


Coach O. Is going uh oh!

Troy Wins

Geaux Troy!!

Troy beats LSU in Death Valley…can not even imagine the meltdown coming in BR. will be epic


Tiger droppings in going to be a lot of fun

To me, LSU made the classic mistake programs often make-putting the highest priority on being a good recruiter and “one of their own” (he’s from the area) over actual on the field credentials (stud coordinator or up and coming head coach)

That looked a lot like that game where we got Gerry DiNardo fired. We went in there, beat them up, and took their lunch money.

Applewhite to LSU.

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Guessing Wilson from UTSA would be the top candidate there.

You can be very certain that LSU is looking for a replacement - TODAY! But, they will be looking for a winner; Applewhite does not qualify yet, alas.

They could hire the Troy coach.


That mistake sounds all too familiar. As in, 2 of our last 3 coaching hires were due to that strategy

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So the guy who grew up in Baton Rouge, and played for UT is “one of our own”?

I don’t think applewhite is a candidate.

Lead sports editor of the Houston Chronicle (and Longhorn alum). A lot of what’s wrong with college football in that statement.