US News Rankings

Based just on that 3rd bullet point, I would think it could move us up. But depending on
how the new weighting is implemented, it’s just a guess. All 3 outcomes possible -
up,down, or the same.

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Yeah, I’d hope these ranking changes portend good news for us, especially since they at least purport to place importance on the things that I’d consider important for a university.

Our two bugabus in the US News has always been the 10 year grad rate and the other schools admissions oficer opinions. It has never been an academic ranking but has been a precived value ranking.

Houston moves up from Tied for 182nd to Tied for 133rd in 2023 USNWR college rankings. See below.

Tied for 70th nationally among public universities. Fifth ranked public school in five-state region (Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico).

Other schools of note:

Top Texas
Rice 17
Texas 32
Texas A&M 47
SMU 89
Baylor 93
TCU 98
UT-Dallas 115
Houston 133
Texas Tech 216

Other Big 12
Arizona St 105
Colorado 105
Arizona 115
BYU 115
Utah 115
Iowa St 115
UCF 124
Cincy 142
Kansas 151
Kan St 170
Okla St 185
West Va 216

Tulane 73
Oklahoma 124
Arkansas 178
LSU 185
Tulsa 195
New Mexico 236


Wow, that puts UH only 2nd to Texas in B12 !

That’s a big move up ; Tied for 70th among public schools is great.
50 is definitely within reach. Good job Renu and Tilman.

Edit- In B12 I think those are the national numbers, so we are not 2nd, but
certainly belong.


AAU in reach !

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USF, recent AAU addition, comes in for T89 and T45 among publics.
So we have little more work to do.

I’m actually surprised TCU and Baylor out rank us in the national universities
by a good bit. Baylor only recently achieve top tier R1 ranking, which we have had
for long time now. So, these rankings are still a bit quirky to me. But nevertheless,
still a big jump up.

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No, we are behind several public schools in the Big 12

Yep, misunderstood that initially. But we ahead of all these 5 schools and TT as well.

Did Kansas, being an AAU member, surprise you it came out so low too ?

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Great job UH. I am glad to see that USNWR changed their criteria weigh more heavily outcomes versus inputs. Ultimately, a schools rating should be based on how those who graduate do, not how well those who entered college did in HS.

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Yes, a little. There are 38 public universities in the AAU. All except Kansas are ranked ahead of UH.

USNWR ranked public universities ahead of UH NOT in AAU which are ALSO tied or ahead of UH in ARWU: Virginia Tech, Florida St, NC State, UMass, Delaware, George Mason, Tennessee. This is our competition for the next AAU public spots.

Out of 13 publics in the new Big 12, we are smack in the middle at 7th. But a lot closer to 1st than 13th.


Tech at 216???



Expect WVU to drop even more as they are steadily cancelling majors and closing colleges to save money. This includes mathematics!!

Yeah, its West Virginia.

I had a older Tech grad tell me that UH should concentrate on making UH open admission because he thought that’s the type of college UH was supposed to be (what ever that meant).

I told him that we have several UH campuses that serve people who want a chance at a college education, like UHCL, UH-downtown, UH-Victoria, that are all solid options that could funnel you in to UH - Main if you choose.

He scoffed at what I said, as if to say that UH should never strive to be better.

I don’t want to gloat about our rise in our rankings, but I hope students would now give UH a closer look before choosing to go elsewhere.

I’d be proud if my son went to UH. And other UH grads with children should encourage their kids to give UH a closer look.


You should throw UH’s current ranking (which is FAR HIGHER than Tech’s) in his face and say…TAKE THIS!!!

Open admission is what TECH is supposed to be!



God damn, they must be racing LSU to the bottom.

What a clown!

He is just mad that he wasted 6 to 8 years of his life getting an associates degree in Lubbock.


He’s actually an engineer and a decent man, but he, like other fans from Texas schools in the Big12, have an antiquated view of UH.

It’s just annoying to see the ignorance continue from those fanbases despite the fact that we surpassed them academically.

Ha ha, fair enough.

Yeah, the constant put downs of UH are annoying.