US News Rankings

UH Tied for 182 (4th best public in Texas). 179 last year so essentially the same.

UT Dallas 151
Tech 219
Texas St 331+
North Texas 285
UTSA 331+
UTEP 331+

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So UT , A&M , UT Dallas then us?

Better than tech?

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New Forbes rankings.

UH 111. 3rd best public in Texas.


I think UH should game the system like Northeastern did.

Rankings are bunk - it’s all about the department rating, but if overall rankings matter: game the tihs out of them.

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USNWR is not an academic ranking. It is a value / perception rating. 30% is based on 10 year graduation rates and 30% is based on other schools admission office opinions.


Rice has moved up to…it seems

I’m surprised we’re not climbing when our graduation rates have been climbing as much as they have.



it is a 10 year rolling average. in 8 years we will take a giant leap.

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Is that the same for the business school rankings?

Nope, this is overall. Specialty majors have much higher rankings.

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When I was in the EE school at UH I had been accepted into RPI…

I looked at the US News Rankings for BSEE and we were literally the spot behind RPI (they were like 23 and we were 24 or something like that)…

I then looked at the $36k tuition bill for RPI and stayed at UH… So glad I did; I’ll put my EE education right there with anybody’s BSEE education from other universities.

We had 550 students in the EE school and would graduate 25 each semester…

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Ha, my son is applying to RPI.

Did UH drop in rank?

Idk… I couldn’t see the EE school rankings… They were behind paywall…