US News Rankings

UH Tied for 182 (4th best public in Texas). 179 last year so essentially the same.

UT Dallas 151
Tech 219
Texas St 331+
North Texas 285
UTSA 331+
UTEP 331+

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So UT , A&M , UT Dallas then us?

Better than tech?

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New Forbes rankings.

UH 111. 3rd best public in Texas.


I think UH should game the system like Northeastern did.

Rankings are bunk - it’s all about the department rating, but if overall rankings matter: game the tihs out of them.


USNWR is not an academic ranking. It is a value / perception rating. 30% is based on 10 year graduation rates and 30% is based on other schools admission office opinions.


Rice has moved up to…it seems

I’m surprised we’re not climbing when our graduation rates have been climbing as much as they have.



it is a 10 year rolling average. in 8 years we will take a giant leap.

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Is that the same for the business school rankings?

Nope, this is overall. Specialty majors have much higher rankings.

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When I was in the EE school at UH I had been accepted into RPI…

I looked at the US News Rankings for BSEE and we were literally the spot behind RPI (they were like 23 and we were 24 or something like that)…

I then looked at the $36k tuition bill for RPI and stayed at UH… So glad I did; I’ll put my EE education right there with anybody’s BSEE education from other universities.

We had 550 students in the EE school and would graduate 25 each semester…

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Ha, my son is applying to RPI.

Did UH drop in rank?

Idk… I couldn’t see the EE school rankings… They were behind paywall…

The new USNWR rankings will be out soon.

I went back and looked at last year. UH was Tied 182 with 12 schools.

UH was 3rd of those 12 in Average SAT.

In fact, for the 61 schools ranked T121 to T176, UH had better SAT scores than 40 of those schools.

Seems our USNWR popularity has not caught up with our popularity among students with options.

Among Power 4 conference schools across Texas and adjoining states, UH’s average SAT ranks ahead of

Oklahoma St
Texas Tech

At 1235, we are within range of:

A&M 1260
Baylor 1255
Oklahoma 1245
TCU 1240


Only problem with RPI is that you freeze your backside off for 10 months out of the year.

Although I know plenty of people that enjoy that part of the State.

I have to visit nearby Albany every April and it is thermals and winter coats for me. Although I have problems with the cold in Manhattan until May.

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Yeah most definitely, although in exchange you get an absolutely beautiful May through July.

USNews Rankings coming Sept 18. There have been some changes to the methodology:

Key changes include the following:

  • A greater emphasis on social mobility and outcomes for graduating college students.
  • Some existing ranking factors will have increased or decreased weights.
  • Removal of the following factors that were in the 2022-2023 rankings: alumni giving rate, percent of faculty with terminal degree, undergraduate class size and high school standing. In addition, the ranking factor measuring the proportion of graduates who needed to borrow federal loans will also be removed. All these data will still be included in school profiles and comparison tools for visitors on
  • There will be new ranking factors derived from third-party sources.

Per USNWR: Changes in methodology will induce changes in rank. There tend to be smaller changes in rank among those schools that typically place toward the very top or very bottom of the rankings. That’s because their separation from most other schools insulates them somewhat from adjustments in methodological approach. In contrast, schools with data that resembles the breadth of other schools – which typically place toward the middle of the rankings, tied with several others – tend to incur changes that are larger in scale.

So we might see some movement in UH’s rank. Hopefully up.