USA ROUTS China 8-0 in Olympic men's hockey

This is why we DON’T boycott.

It’s so that we can embarrass the Commies on their home turf!!!

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And their hired mercenary team.

Man I thought I was tripping, I thought we did a full boycott, I didn’t realize we just were not sending any official delegates. Honestly, I feel dirty having peacock TV (for supercross). Gonna be interesting to see the TV ratings.

Chinese national hockey team: 11 Canadians, 7 Americans, 6 native-born Chinese, and 1 Russian.

As I said……


Do you really think the Chinse population cares about this game? Heck more than likely it was taken off the air if even shown. By the way friends the fans that you see in the stands are hand picked and are directed to act a certain way. We often ridicule North Korea but are they similar to the ccp?

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North Korea is truly a Bizarro World.

Yes, the Chinese care…if they didn’t, then why did they hire so many US and Canadian mercenaries to try and field a competitive team?

Hint: because they were worried about getting EMBARRASSED on their home soil.

As it turns out, that happened anyway.


As I said…BOYCOTTS SUCK!!! That you are about the only person here strongly advocating one should tell you something.

Tell you what?
Sure I am the only one against it.

More you ask?


Now read this and do not miss the Dutch athletes comment. It puts everything in perspective.
Shame on the IOC. Nobody should watch. That would be the best way to show the ccp we do not accept them as a true country but a true dictatorship.
Can you imagine friends if nobody watched these games?
What kind of message do you think it would send? The ultimate insult is a good description.

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They paid them?

I certainly haven’t been watching. I have no interest in watching half pipe snowboarding and curling, etc. The only time I watched a good bit of it was USA women’s hockey vs. Canada.

First Ice Hockey and next Ping Pong. Bring it on ya commies!!! I think the last time we faced off with those red devils on ice was the Chosin Reservoir.

A lack of viewership doesn’t equate to support for a boycott.

Find the percentage of people that think we shouldn’t send a team to Beijing at all.

I think you will find that it’s a pretty minute percentage.

Hell, only 46% of Americans, and more Dems than Republicans, even support the diplomatic boycott.


They created a pro team in the Russian League to train their mercenary players.

They even hired Gretzky as a consultant.

They spent over $300 million to try and avoid getting embarrassed on their own soil.

Alas….they failed.

God Bless America!!!

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