USC Lied 5 years to U.S. News and World Report

I wonder what other universities are lying to make their academics look great. I didn’t know it was an honor system. The university gives USNWR their data and they rank the school using that data.

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Check out all the drama with law schools

UT had an undergraduate program that didn’t even exist ranked.

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It’s all smoke and mirrors, but the funny thing is, the best schools are also the ones that can afford the smoke and the mirrors.


It’s a little white lie about their online Ed School programs using in person program rankings.


I would think a prosecutor wouldn’t downplay collusion/fraud between entities to help get better students interested in USC’s Education program than they actually deserved, over the course of 5 years, while simultaneously padding 2U’s pockets…

Someone probably has a joint on them that needs to be put on probation, though… :roll_eyes:

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Thia reminds of when a certain school provided data to, such as:

Texas Tech once claimed 55 schools were its peers. 27 of them were AAU members.

Data extracted on 9-14-2017
from Who Does Your College Think Its Peers Are??

Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX

55 Colleges selected as peers by this college
Arizona State U, Tempe
Auburn U main campus
Clemson U
Florida State U
Georgia Inst of Tech ( AAU )
Indiana U, Bloomington ( AAU )
Iowa State U ( AAU )
Kansas State U
Louisiana State U, Baton Rouge
Michigan State U ( AAU )
Mississippi State U
North Carolina State U
Ohio State U ( AAU )
Oklahoma State U, Stillwater
Oregon State U
Penn State, U Park ( AAU )
Purdue U, West Lafayette ( AAU )
Rutgers U, New Brunswick ( AAU )
Texas A&M U, College Station ( AAU )
U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
U of Arizona ( AAU )
U of Arkansas, Fayetteville
U of California, Berkeley ( AAU )
U of California, Los Angeles ( AAU )
U of Colorado, Boulder ( AAU )
U of Connecticut
U of Florida ( AAU )
U of Georgia
U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign ( AAU )
U of Iowa ( AAU )
U of Kansas ( AAU )
U of Kentucky
U of Louisville
U of Maryland, College Park ( AAU )
U of Massachusetts, Amherst
U of Michigan, Ann Arbor ( AAU )
U of Minnesota-Twin Cities ( AAU )
U of Mississippi
U of Missouri, Columbia ( AAU )
U of Nebraska, Lincoln
U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill ( AAU )
U of Oklahoma, Norman
U of Oregon ( AAU )
U of Pittsburgh main campus ( AAU )
U of Rhode Island
U of South Carolina, Columbia
U of South Florida
U of Tennessee, Knoxville
U of Texas, Austin ( AAU )
U of Virginia ( AAU )
U of Washington ( AAU )
U of Wisconsin, Madison ( AAU )
Virginia Tech
Washington State U
West Virginia U, Morgantown

21 Colleges that selected this college as a peer
Brigham Young U
California State U, Fullerton
East Carolina U
Iowa State U
Kansas State U
Kent State U main campus
New Mexico State U, Las Cruces
Northern Arizona U
Oklahoma State U, Stillwater
Rutgers U, New Brunswick
Rutgers U, Newark
Southern Illinois U, Carbondale
U of Alabama, Birmingham
U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
U of Kansas
U of Memphis
U of New Mexico, Albuquerque
U of Oklahoma, Norman
U of Texas, Dallas
United States Naval Academy
Western Michigan U

7 Peer colleges that also chose this college as a peer
Iowa State U
Kansas State U
Oklahoma State U, Stillwater
Rutgers U, New Brunswick
U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
U of Kansas
U of Oklahoma, Norman

Rank: 240 of 1,595
Texas Tech U
Colleges selected as peers by Texas Tech U
Admission rate72%65%
Graduation rate63%71%
Median SAT 1,095

Isn’t that how UT does the athletic rankings?


stuff like this has been going on for a long time

it is similar to claiming classifications as “rankings” as well…just academic dishonesty