USC Lied 5 years to U.S. News and World Report

I wonder what other universities are lying to make their academics look great. I didn’t know it was an honor system. The university gives USNWR their data and they rank the school using that data.

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Check out all the drama with law schools

UT had an undergraduate program that didn’t even exist ranked.

It’s all smoke and mirrors, but the funny thing is, the best schools are also the ones that can afford the smoke and the mirrors.


It’s a little white lie about their online Ed School programs using in person program rankings.


I would think a prosecutor wouldn’t downplay collusion/fraud between entities to help get better students interested in USC’s Education program than they actually deserved, over the course of 5 years, while simultaneously padding 2U’s pockets…

Someone probably has a joint on them that needs to be put on probation, though… :roll_eyes:

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Thia reminds of when a certain school provided data to, such as:

Texas Tech once claimed 55 schools were its peers. 27 of them were AAU members.

Data extracted on 9-14-2017
from Who Does Your College Think Its Peers Are??

Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX

55 Colleges selected as peers by this college
Arizona State U, Tempe
Auburn U main campus
Clemson U
Florida State U
Georgia Inst of Tech ( AAU )
Indiana U, Bloomington ( AAU )
Iowa State U ( AAU )
Kansas State U
Louisiana State U, Baton Rouge
Michigan State U ( AAU )
Mississippi State U
North Carolina State U
Ohio State U ( AAU )
Oklahoma State U, Stillwater
Oregon State U
Penn State, U Park ( AAU )
Purdue U, West Lafayette ( AAU )
Rutgers U, New Brunswick ( AAU )
Texas A&M U, College Station ( AAU )
U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
U of Arizona ( AAU )
U of Arkansas, Fayetteville
U of California, Berkeley ( AAU )
U of California, Los Angeles ( AAU )
U of Colorado, Boulder ( AAU )
U of Connecticut
U of Florida ( AAU )
U of Georgia
U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign ( AAU )
U of Iowa ( AAU )
U of Kansas ( AAU )
U of Kentucky
U of Louisville
U of Maryland, College Park ( AAU )
U of Massachusetts, Amherst
U of Michigan, Ann Arbor ( AAU )
U of Minnesota-Twin Cities ( AAU )
U of Mississippi
U of Missouri, Columbia ( AAU )
U of Nebraska, Lincoln
U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill ( AAU )
U of Oklahoma, Norman
U of Oregon ( AAU )
U of Pittsburgh main campus ( AAU )
U of Rhode Island
U of South Carolina, Columbia
U of South Florida
U of Tennessee, Knoxville
U of Texas, Austin ( AAU )
U of Virginia ( AAU )
U of Washington ( AAU )
U of Wisconsin, Madison ( AAU )
Virginia Tech
Washington State U
West Virginia U, Morgantown

21 Colleges that selected this college as a peer
Brigham Young U
California State U, Fullerton
East Carolina U
Iowa State U
Kansas State U
Kent State U main campus
New Mexico State U, Las Cruces
Northern Arizona U
Oklahoma State U, Stillwater
Rutgers U, New Brunswick
Rutgers U, Newark
Southern Illinois U, Carbondale
U of Alabama, Birmingham
U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
U of Kansas
U of Memphis
U of New Mexico, Albuquerque
U of Oklahoma, Norman
U of Texas, Dallas
United States Naval Academy
Western Michigan U

7 Peer colleges that also chose this college as a peer
Iowa State U
Kansas State U
Oklahoma State U, Stillwater
Rutgers U, New Brunswick
U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
U of Kansas
U of Oklahoma, Norman

Rank: 240 of 1,595
Texas Tech U
Colleges selected as peers by Texas Tech U
Admission rate72%65%
Graduation rate63%71%
Median SAT 1,095

Isn’t that how UT does the athletic rankings?