USF Football-Jeff Scott - Gets an extension to 2026 (3-18 record so far)

The coaching carousel begins

Frank Wilson also gone at UTSA.

Saw it coming.

Not surprising.

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Would he be interested in becoming a DC again?

Boston college just fired their coach.

Herman to USF?


Those directional schools in G5 leagues are hard to win at and will always be unless your at one that has a good following and the instate P5 teams suck such as App State.

Look at a UTSA type school - most fans envy and rather associate with UT anyway. Fan support is average unless you get a once in 5 year opponent.
ULL struggled with attendance and they were 10-2 but most of their fans rather be with LSU and there’s another segment that doesn’t feel any connection there

Your in leagues where there are little rivalries or association with the average fan. Old Dominion? Come on. Frank Wilson is a New Orleans native - never was a great fit.

UTSA has solid attendance potential. They are certainly ahead of where we were when we weren’t very good. They just need to win.

USF’s attendance isn’t much different from ours, I don’t think.

If Strong is still on the UT Payroll, will he return to be DC in Austin?

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Strong is flat out a bad head coach. Sorry.
Bridgewater carried him at Louisville (we were ahead at Halftime at their Homecoming)…
Texas made a ginormous mistake, then USF doubled down the mistake, hoping that he could recruit the same talent as he did as DC at Florida…
I am sure he is a great guy, but that just doesn’t matter in this business…



Fool everyone that you are the greatest HC since “sliced bread” … take ALL your exit $$$ from the different universities PLUS what you received during your yearly tenure …


Buy some nice mountain acreages in Colorado or Nevada or the Pacific NW and RETIRE in luxury …


Orlando to USF?

Maybe usf can get taggart back! :joy::joy:


Apple Boy and Orlando to USF !


Failing Upward may be trend setting…


Orlando will be named interim HC and then Applewhite will be hired to be HC?


Well, Renu was at USF at one time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

He took wrong jobs at the wrong times.

Texas had issues prior to him taking the job and he wasn’t the first choice by far. USF is hard to win at consistently - you win and get out. He got there at the wrong time.


USF has made some good hires. Its tough if you have a short theshold for losing. All these fledgling g5s are doing the same thing…rolling the dice and changing tables quickly.