USF Game 2 Thread (L 7-4)

Edit: Travel postponed until tomorrow.

Cumbie goes tomorrow. Would be a huge win if they can get it and ensure that they will be in 1st when they leave Tampa.

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Some lineup changes today:

Wong C
Lockhart RF
Julks CF
Scheiner SS
Davis 1B
Triolo 3B
Hollis 2B
Etzel DH
Champion LF

Cumbie P

Conference scores

Cincy 4
UConn 6
Series tied 1-1

Tulane 5
Series tied 1-1

Memphis 9
Series tied 1-1

Top 1st
Wong grounds out to 2B
BOOM! Lockhart hits his 1st!..Coogs lead 1-0
Julks walks
Scheiner popsout to short
Davis singles to center, Julks scores :astonished:…Coogs lead 2-0
Triolo Ks swinging

M1…UH leads 2-0

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Is there an audio ?

Go here: Houston - Home

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Thanks Patrick. I cannot get the connect but I think you’re play by play is excellent !

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The audio is a bit touchy at times.

If you don’t mind listening to the USF feed, you can try here:

Thanks again

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No problem. There’s also the GameTracker here:

I try to take my breaks during the opposing team’s half of the innings so I tend to not keep up with it as much.

Bottom 1st
Single, 6-3 double play, infield single, single, wild pitch puts runners on 2nd/3rd with 2 outs
Popout to Davis ends the threat

T2…UH leads 2-0

Top 2nd
Hollis grounds out to short
Whitting out to talk to the ump
Etzel lines out to right
Champion walks on 4 pitches
Champion to 2nd on a passed ball
Wong singles to left, Champion scores…Coogs lead 3-0
Wong steals 2nd and then advances to 3rd on a throwing error
Lockhart reaches on a fielding error by the SS, Wong scores…Coogs lead 4-0
Julks walks, Lockhart to 2nd
USF changing pitchers - USF players all giving the pitcher a hug
Scheiner fouls out to 1st

M2…UH leads 4-0

By the way, no idea who will start for USF tomorrow. Their normal Saturday starter was lost last weekend due to back issues and they’re going to burn through a lot of staff tonight. They could bring back their normal weekday starter, DJ Roberts, I guess. If not Roberts, it will be someone with very little starting experience.

Of course, we don’t know who’ll start for UH tomorrow…

Bottom 2nd
Groundout to short, groundout to 1st, K#1

T3…UH leads 4-0

Top 3rd
Davis flies out to shallow right
Triolo lines out to right
Hollis Ks looking

M3…UH leads 4-0

Bottom 3rd
Groundout to 1st, single and a double put runners on 2nd/3rd with 1 out
Single to left scores 2…Coogs lead 4-2
2 run homer…Tied 4-4
Frank Anderson visiting the mound
Popout to 1st
Flyout to shallow right

T4…Tied 4-4

Top 4th
Etzel Ks swinging
Champion grounds out to 1st
Wong triples down the right field line
Lockhart walks
Julks Ks looking

M4…Tied 4-4

So the reason they were hugging the USF starting pitcher is that his father just passed away. Feel for the kid.

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Bottom 4th
Groundout to Hollis, Throwing error on Scheiner puts a runner on 2nd, single scores the run…Bulls lead 5-4
Single puts runners on the corners
Missed squeeze and they get the runner at 3rd
Stolen base and goes to 3rd on a throwing error because no one covered 2nd
K #2 ends the inning

T5…USF leads 5-4

Top 5th
Scheiner fouls out to short
Davis hit by a pitch
Triolo hit by a pitch, Davis to 2nd
Hollis grounds into a fielder’s choice, Triolo out at 2nd, Davis to 3rd
Bielamowicz pinch hits for Etzel, K’s looking

M5…USF leads 5-4