USF @SJS impressions

Kick Off in the AAC!! Small crowd…

Got an easy stream?

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I think southern cal would destroy San Jose state

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Whats wrong with it? i just closed and re opened it. Did you try closing the advertisement or clicking stream1?

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Got it

:laughing: huge hands! Haha good catch

USF starting off slow against San Jose State.

I woudlnt be surprised if they give USF a scare

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San Jose St uniforms look like Kansas’. This could get ugly.

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I really hope we’re taking some notes. Unis kinda look like baylor?

USF looks like a Charlie Strong coached team in Austin.


They do not look impressive so far for sure

is it too early to start celebrating our conference championship? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We need USF to get things going. Slow start on both sides. Their special teams needs to step up. SJS starting on the USF side and the bulls starting behind their 20 is just not going to cut it…and they lose a player…

Sjsu was 4-8 last year and supposed to be pretty brutal this year. If usf can’t win this game it may be a long year for them.

I was about to say I havent seen Flowers use his feet. Its gonna be interesting how USF reacts to this start.

Blocked punt and San Jose recovers.

They remembered the start of the game apparently is how the reacted