USF Tickets

I have 2 lower level tickets and a parking pass to whoever can go and be loud.


Sent you a PM

The tickets have been claimed. Thanks.

Anyone else have 2 tickets? Rather ask here before buying somewhere else.

Coog09 asked - Anyone else have 2 tickets? Rather ask here before buying somewhere else.

If you do not get an offer from someone who has tickets, I suggest contacting our ticket office and buying direct from them. I looked at the seating chart and there are many seats available all around TDECU at face value. Example - section 329 (50 yard line) row 2 are $35 + $4.50 fee.

Now, you might be able to get a better price from a scalper who wants to unload to not take a total loss.

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No broker thats half worth anything owns tickets for UH football. What you see on the secondary market are most likely owned by season ticket holders who, for whatever reason will not attend the game.

Btw, thanks for reminding me to buy tickets. One less thing to worry about between now and Saturday.

I have my 2 tickets in row 1 seats 1,2 in sec 117… Lmk if you’re interested…

I’m stuck in NC this season…

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I sent you a message.

I am going out on the limb and predicting a crowd of just a tad over 20k

High 70, partly cloudy, but 11 am game gonna get some people to stay home.

I’m super excited about the game this week. It’s a rare occurrence that my wife and I both have a clear calendar for Saturday and can go to the game together. Plus, looks like great weather and our opponent is very beatable.


Should be a beautiful day. It sure would be nice to have a good crowd of 25,000 to 30,000 on hand. However, not holding my breath.


Currently reviewing all posts on the Satellite to see who I would want to sit with me. :sunglasses:

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Thinking of coming in town from Ft Worth. For those who cant go, does anybody of 2 tickets available.


I have up to five in section 236, row 1, seats 9-13

35 each for up to three, 30 each for all five, no fees. Behind student section