USFL thread

The Houston gamblers are playing today. Isiah Chamber and N’Tay Rogers are on the team. Not sure who else is. Anyone gonna watch? Apparently the home stadium for them is in Memphis.


The XFL has been entertaining and the USFL yesterday was very good.

Go Gamblers!!!

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My husband and I are watching! Go Gamblers!


So they have “4 hubs” with two teams each….how do you build a fan base when two seasons in a row you don’t play in your home city?


I’ve been watching it via stream on my computer.

The game looks good, and those throwback Gamblers helmets take me back to my childhood.

BUT…talk about an EMPTY stadium. You need a crowd for atmosphere.

I want to get into it but playing in a hub city that’s not Houston in front of no crowd isn’t going to catch many fans. Hopefully they don’t pull the plug before they make it to actually playing in Houston.


It’s like last year when all the games were in Birmingham, the only games that drew more than a handful of fans were the games the Birmingham team played in.

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I was thinking about where the Gamblers would play.
I doubt the XFL would allow them to use TDECU (Plus, their seasons overlap anyways).
NRG would be way to big and expensive.
I could see the dynamo stadium, but the dynamo are in midseason as well.
I guess that leaves Rice stadium or a large high school stadium.

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To me The Houston Gamblers are only Houston Gamblers if they play in…Houston.


I wouldn’t think the Gamblers could play at the Dynamo stadium because they are mid soccer season - however the Defenders play in DC United’s stadium, so how are they able to make that work?

The Dynamo don’t generally play in that stadium on BOTH Saturday and Sunday.

The Gamblers could play there on an alternate day.

Then that settles it. The Gamblers should play at the Dynamo’s stadium.

I think it seats about 22K so that would be perfect. It would look pretty full for the games.


No The Gamblers should play at The Astrodome and have John Jenkins as HC. Just dreaming.

The USFL can suck it until they start playing in their home cities. As it is now the Gamblers are not giving back to this city at all.
I am all in for the Roughnecks who have a great chance to get an extra home game at TDECU for the Playoffs

The Roughnecks already have home field for the South championship in two weeks.


Awesome! Wasn’t sure if they had to win their last game.

Has the other division already wrapped up the host for the championship or can it still break our way?

The Championship site is San Antonio for 2023.


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