USS Arizona

My yearly reminder for you history buffs on twitter to follow @ussarizona for great photos and their yearly timeline on the events leading to and the attack on Pearl Harbor.


I was in Honolulu back in May and disappointed the USS Arizona memorial was closed for repairs. Still got to take the boat ride around the sunken ship, but I will for sure have to go back to be able to walk over the ship.

We visited the USS Arizona back in the late 90’s. When you look below and see the oil slick from the fuel still leaking from the ship, and then think about the more than 1,000 US servicemen who are still there, it can be very emotional for most. I remember a Japanese gentleman walking up to us to tell us he was sorry.

When going to Pearl, besides the Arizona, I love going to the USS Missouri. You can look forward and see the Arizona Memorial where it all started for us, and then stand on the spot where the Japanese surrendered.

The last time we went, I told my wife I was going to the Mo by myself so she wouldn’t rush me. I spent the whole day going thru the ship and read every plaque and looked carefully at every exhibit. I also did the sub and aircraft museum. Linda spent the whole day lounging at the hotel and shopping.

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