UT Announcer Complimentary of UH

Passing this along…Sister lives in Austin and listened to the radio broadcast while driving. Said Craig Way, voice of UT, was very complementary of UH, stating UT should not take them lightly and UH is a force to be reckoned with and should be in the B12.

Nice to hear.


If the defense we showed starting in the 2nd qtr through the end is what we see the rest of the year, we’ll win some games. Offense has come around, now we need a defense.


The sideline guy was a turd - talking about when he played how they had no problem handling UH like nothing

I’ve listened to Craig Way before and he’s like this with every UT opponent. Very professional and complimentary. He would say the same thing if they were playing Incarnate Word.

Craig Way. I remember listening to him on Friday nights when driving home from HS football games, he had a show that gave scores from all over the state. We especially listened during the playoffs when we had a long drive back from a neutral location.


Well, was he lying?

I was going to say the same thing. He used to cover Texas HS football. Was always broadcasting the playoffs and State games and he had a show during the season on tv

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If I’m not mistaken, Craig Way interviewed for the Houston Texans announcing job that Mark Vandermeer ended up getting.

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Interesting, did not know that!