UT Chancellor William McRaven Supports UH

Bill McRaven @billmcraven
Bill McRaven Retweeted Greg Fenves

I agree wholeheartedly with Pres. Fenves. @UHouston would be a welcome addition to the Big XII!

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Now this one seems suspicious

Also the UT president did the same thing.

Combined with the tweets by the Texas Governor and Lt. Governor, I’m having a real hard time trying to keep my expectations/hopes in check.

Every time I tell myself to remain cautiously optimistic, yet another leader comes out in our support.

It’s been quite a couple of days…

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Is there a large wooden horse involved ?

I call a giant BS! What are these guys up to. UH to big 12 and then the next day OU, OSU, ut, and Kansas to Big 10? I don’t doubt it.

Don’t overthink this. I had a conversation with a friend who, like me, is a UH t-shirt fan. We agreed that it sure looks like UH to the Big 12 is a done deal. As we hung up, my friend said “It looks like UT is going to get that Houston campus it wants.” With Sen. Whitmire (opponent of UT-Houston campus) and the UT brass (opponent of UH in Big 12) on board, I have to say my friend has figured out what the deal was.


We may have just sold our soul to the devil.

If true that is a TERRIBLE decision.

I think Whitmire is still against the UT Houston campus. Keep buying those UH tshirts, though.

No to the little 10 and NO to ut houston.

Does UT have enough sway to convince the northern schools to support UH? What would UT give up? Agree not to leave? Do Baylor or TCU care about TX politics?

Baylor is just here so they don’t get fined.

UT has enough sway. Expansion doesn’t happen without UT. Northern schools and OU want expansion, especially after the ACC network announcement as they partly want to stick it to ESPN for not giving them a conference network and partly see the NFL’s deal with Twitter which opens up a whole new source of money.

UT would give up their opposition to expansion and be willing to support other schools in return for Houston getting the support it needs. Supposedly, if one believes the rumors, this is to get BYU and UCONN or Memphis into the Big 12. It’s believed that Cincy has enough votes already as no one really objects to them.

UT will not agree to extend the GOR or promise to stay past the current GOR because no one knows what CFB will look like in 8-10 years when all the TV contracts come due. However, UTs LHN extends past the current Big 12 deal; if nothing changes on the landscape, UT will probably be content sitting in the Big 12. In 10 years, there will be more bidders than just ESPN/FOX/CBS/NBC as digital rights companies like Netflix/Twitter/etc gain more subscribers. They will all need content as well. If the Big 12 can pull a huge media content deal, UT will be willing to sign another GOR.

Baylor, while private, doesn’t want the state of Texas to dig deeper into their current issues; they will go along with anything the state wants. TCU basically pledged themselves to Texas to get in; they will not go against UT’s wishes as they don’t want UT to leave (they have about a zero percent chance of going to another P5).

Very sound analysis, Pray…one of several you have posted last few days…I enjoy the read.

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