UT Donors are Big Mad about The Eyes

In conclusion, money always rules the day.

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Good for them, no one cared about the eyes until some one told them they should be butt hurt


This is factually not true.


This thread is going to end so, so badly.

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You’re wrong and it’s ok to be wrong.

Those odds are accurate and I will be using this for future reference


Correct me if I’m wrong here, but don’t those odds add up to more than 100%?

I mean probably, there’s no question the math of what I posted lack is almost certainly wrong. But I think my point was very, very right.

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“Me: 4/1” lmao!!! :rofl::rofl::joy:

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You could probably flip it too. None of the rich donors really cared about the Eyes until they were told to be butthurt about it.

But if you haven’t read the emails and quotes, be careful because there are some straight up racist things in there. I am glad that we don’t have multiple (hopefully none) important boosters that would tell our black students to choose another school if they don’t like it. There is a reason UT struggles to get students of color and will continue to.


There are plenty of good reasons not to like a song that is a musical rip-off of a blackface minstrel song, quotes Robert E. Lee, and was debuted on UT’s campus in a blackface minstrel show.

Really sad how some of their donors keep defending it.


I’m extremely proud that our alma mater played a major role in integrating college sports in the Deep South in general and the state of Texas in particular. All those “Cougroes” comments I heard during our years in the SWC reinforced in my heart and mind how I had chosen to attend a university that embraces diversity and rejects racism. (And, yes, I’m a Caucasian who grew up in a town that was predominantly white with no blacks living there whatsoever and that had a KKK headquarters situated along the town’s main highway…)


…Pasadena? Just taking a stab in the dark.

While traditions are important to us all, I think some people seem to place more importance on something like a song rather than all the other positive aspects and attributes of their college experience. Really if they think back to everything they did, people they met and things they learned. How much of it really would be different without that song?

UT has made a strong statement that their black players will sing the Eyes and they will sing it proudly according to their new head coach.

And by the look at their 2021 and 2022 signees and commits, a lot of black players agreed to that therefore I assume this issue will die down.

From the start, Sarkisian signaled he would take a different approach than former coach Tom Herman, who said he would respect players who did not want to stay to sing the song.

“I know this much,” Sarkisian said, “‘The Eyes of Texas’ is our school song. We’re going to sing that song. We’re going to sing that proudly.”

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People don’t like change. I went to Lamar, where students continued to vote for the name Redskins

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Vidor is my guess


You can’t spell uterus without UT.

Both of their Heisman trophy winners are in favor of keeping it, not just donors. I thought Ricky Williams had a good take on it.

"I think it’s important to understand our history and to understand where the song came from, but I think it’s more powerful to transform the meaning of the song and the definition of the song rather than trying to erase our history like it never existed,” Williams said.