Some of you said the idea of a UT-Houston was a dead issue; well, it seems that they might not agree. They are starting out by offering classes on weekends; does anyone know WHERE they are conducting those classes. Could this be the start of that UT-Houston thing that everyone said was dead? PROBABLY!

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Sue their asses! We can’t let it get started because once it does it will only branch out to many other things! — Just like cancer! — and the state highway tolls! Then we will have a real problem on our hands! Demand our fair share of the PUF if they want to encroach into our territory!


This topic may be better suited for the UH Academics board, but I’m keenly interested in this. Can you provide a link about the classes being offered ?

I’m aware that UT, A&M, Tulane, and possibly others have been offering weekend MBA type programs for sometime in Houston. Is there something more
going on now ?


Can we counter with UH–Austin?

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We already have a UH satellite Hospitality college in San Antonio…so why not expand the UH brand!


So the question is like NRG said, is what’s being offered? If this is online and weekends MBA, no it’s not the start of UT-Houston. Online weekend MBA stuff is a very common practice these days, and probably going from 2020 forward going to accelerate. If it’s undergrad stuff then there might be something to Eatemup’s thinking.

So for now keep your pitchforks pointy and torch fires warm. But we don’t need to go a marching for this yet.


UT has had an MBA program in Houston for over a decade. Same for aggie and Tulane.


I know none of you like what I am about to say but in many other states we would be UT-Houston.

Having several “systems” is a tremendous waste of money.


Exactly, the state of Texas tried to outsmart themselves with a Major System (UT - 60% of PUF), a Major-Minor System (TAMU - 40% of PUF), and then a bunch of 0% PUF State Schools ( TT, UH, TSt, SH, SFA, etc ) and then a handful of Segregated Public Schools (PVU, TSU, etc.)

Everything should have been filtered into one of the two Major systems. They messed up big time. A 2 university system would have reduced the inefficiencies and probably improved the quality for all public schools inside the state of Texas.

UH is a “David” situation to the Goliaths…we’ve had to fund most of the college ourselves. No.PUF, No federal land grant money, etc. and even without those benefits we are turning ourselves into a contender for the best public school in the state of Texas someday…but we definitely are trying!


You’re right I don’t like that idea, but admit Texas
has a screwed up higher education setup. UH and
TT are probably the most vulnerable systems when
the economics of the state turn south as oil
becomes less of the go to transportation fuel over the coming decades. So the state has the big 2, the large but significantly less well funded major 2 ( UH and Tech) , the segregated group, plus all the others( SFA, SHSU, etc) that are 4 year schools but offer specialization and Phd programs too. And don’t forget LSC that has recently been approved to offer 4 year bachelors programs as well. It’s a mess with lots overlap and administrative redundancy.

Even the UT System seems like a mess within itself with the flagship Austin campus and everybody else.
UTSA, UTEP, and others will never be allowed to
develop into major national research universities.
UTD is kinda the exception but will never be allowed to rival the great uta.

Compare that to California system that has the UC system with several major national
universities within. And the 4 year Calif state university system that has a clear role and mission.

I wish we had a much larger endowment to possibly allow us to maintain our independence, but that’s
just wishful thinking. Hope our leaders are visionary
enough to navigate the coming decades. We have great leadership now, but they won’t be here forever, and even they may not be up to the task to navigate the future.

So, if push came to shove, and you had to chose, would you rather be associated with ut or a&m ?


UT already has a school, actually, multiple schools in Houston. UT Nursing, UT Medical school, UT Dental. Heck the world renounced MD Anderson Cancer hospital is officially a UT school! Who cares if they open a “UT Houston.” Is UH so scared that they don’t welcome some competition? And the city is big enough for another university. This would have been a nice addition to the city.

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Congratulations. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on Coogfans


That is a big difference than having a full fledged campus offering multiple degrees outside of the medical fields. UH, Rice, TSU should be furious about this and filing lawsuits


With that mentality, I’m surprised Rice let UH, HBU, TSU, UST into the Houston market. lol.

This is exactly the reason why we should never be a part of the UT or A$M systems! We must be our own system with the ability to determine our own fate! It’s bad enough the way UT and A$M trying to keep us down, but if they are allowed to absorb us we will never be anything more than a large community college that has lots of night classes for working adults! Say bye bye to all of the athletic programs we currently have and any prestige that we have!


Rice is a private school. They don’t use state public resources… redundant public schools do and are viewed as a waste of tax payer’s money


If you value competition so much then why don’t you tell UT and A$M to share the PUF with us? This would dramatic make UH one of the greatest university in the world! With a slice of that $800 million PUF pie coming to UH every year we would develop into one of the most prestigious research universities in the world instead of having our growth limited by funding that the state chooses to pour into just two universities — UT and A$M!

Oh, while we’re at it, let UH open schools in Austin, College Station, and in every area that UT and A$M have schools in! Let’s see what they have to say about this! I let you have the honor of delivering this message to them! Let’s see what happen to you! If you’re not beaten or choked unconscious I would be very surprised! You must be a UT troll or something! What a foolish and grating statement!


Yep, it is the same - MBA, and it does seem that everyone is trying to get in on the same act!

You realize that Houston is the 4th largest city in the USA? Right?

UH is worth a billion dollars to the Houston economy. Imagine how much another campus would add.

Do you see how UT Austin treats its satellite campuses? Like UT Arlington, UTSA and UTEP? A UT Houston won’t compete with UH, because it might start competing with UT Austin.

UT tried to take us over many years ago, probably before you were even born. That failed, but not because the whorns did not try. They will try again - this time to just outflank us with a totally new school! Just watch.

The evil empire NEVER takes “No” for an answer!