UT is adding beach volleyball

We should add women’s beach volleyball

It shouldn’t cost much


I agree we have the right weather for it and we’re not too far from Galveston, to have tournaments there. Also would maybe something to get Galveston to buy into by sponsoring them.l since it would provide a reason for people to come and spend money there

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“We should add women’s beach volleyball”

Yes, this!!

We need to get this done to keep up. TCU is already a national champion contender. No reason we can’t compete right away.

No need to play on an actual beach. Usc has a very nice court in an urban setting. They do have the Manhattan Beach invitationals, but Galveston doesn’t have a comparable facility.

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I think HBU has a team.

Get the girls team and another, so that UH can have a men’s soccer team!


Women’s Beach Volleyball then Gymnastics/Fencing or something

Gymnastics for sure, Simone already said she would coach when she’s ready.

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