UT vs UH basically sold out

Was trying to buy 6 tickets but nothing is available…

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They aren’t showing lots of seats when you go to the individual game selector. It still has quite a ways to go before it sells out.

Just looked and the UH website shows no tickets available at this time

Looks like they are adding more as we speak.

There are still plenty of season tickets available though.


With only 40,000 seats, we should have already sold out the UTSA, TCU, and UT games. Our fan base never disappoints my dismal expectations.


I hope they don’t free up a bunch of single tickets to sell to UT fans at 10 this morning. Yes, there are quite a few tickets held back for both season tickets and mini-plan Texas pack tickets.

Looks like brokers are snagging seats that have been added right now…6 minutes till non-season ticket holders can start grabbing seats.

I know…let’s put up some bleachers!!!



The games will be sold out. The issue is lack of marketing. They are banking on media coverage and other schools’ fans to close it out though.

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Just saw where Oklahoma St. sold out their season ticket allotment of 49k+. We’ve got to be better.




I’m seeing ads on both Facebook and Instagram today.

My reaction is disappointing, but not surprising. I do think come game time TCU and UT will be sold out and maybe Standing Room Only (SRO) will be available, if UH sells SRO tickets.

What bugs me the most is this plays right into the narrative that kept UH out of a P5 conference for so long. “UH has apathetic fan support.”

I wonder how many tickets are still being held back for mini plans.

I thought single game tickets were going to be put up 8/15?

That was a typo in another thread. Single game tickets are available today (8/14).

If we lose quite a few games ahead of UT, it will be full of Longhorns as UH fans will sell the UT game to recoup money as they will see the season as a lost cause

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And I cringe when I think that the evil empire will have at least a third of our stadium glowing that ugly orange. Maybe more if we lose a game or two.
Have a feeling we have students and alums who will be cashing in.
Coach was right about it being tough to be a Coog!


Why would you even make this prediction?

It’s apocalyptic to the fans who are excited. At least let us play a couple of games.

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