Utah, University of California, Santa Cruz and Dartmouth College joining AAU

I thought Miami (FL) was “the U.”



Dr Khator’s got AAU on her sights for UH. May take some time, but it is one of the long term goals.


I’m surprised Dartmouth wasn’t already AAU.


How long does it take to become aau?


I think AAU is overrated. It’s a members only club where you only get in if you know someone and have a sponsor or some BS. Think the “Stone Cutters” from the Simpsons. lol


Tells you how much being in the PAC12 can help your standing. Utah went from being a commuter school (still is) to an AAU member because of it. This is why the talk of Arizona/Arizona State leaving for the Big 12 is ludicrous. Also why it would be incredible if we get the call from the PAC12.


Don’t know how much conference affiliation matters. Nebraska lost their AAU membership after joining the Big 10. They are the only Big 10 member that’s not also in the AAU.

Washington State, Oregon State, Arizona State have been Pac members for decades and still not made it in to the AAU.

It takes years of investment and preparation for a university to be considered for AAU membership. I figure Utah started down that path well before they joined the PAC. Of course having support or PACs AAU members probably helped out a lot.


Dartmouth’s ascension to AAU status means that the Ivy League will join the Division III University Athletic Association as the only two NCAA sports conferences in the country in which every member school is also an AAU member.

As for AAU membership, yeah, it’s overrated.

I say that as someone who is likely the only person here who has received both a Bachelor’s degree (from Case Western Reserve U.), and a Master’s degree (Illinois) from schools that were AAU members at the time of attendance and graduation.

It doesn’t mean much.

That said, I hope UH gets it simply because it will help to silence any anti-UH naysayers, and take away one of the few things that UT and aTm can point to that they have which we don’t.


Nebraska lost their AAU status because the Certification Committee realized that the “N” on their helmets stood for “knowledge “…


Very vague qualifications.

The qualifications are always changing making it harder to qualify. You have to get a majority votes of the 60 schools to get in and it can become political as in the case with Nebraska.

In general, qualifications that got Nebraska in, changed.

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Its basically a club. You have to be invited by the members.

It takes awhile though. Look at who they’ve added recently (since the early/mid 90’s):

2019 - Dartmouth/Santa Clara/Utah

2012 - Boston University

2010 - Georgia Tech

2002 - Stony Brook/Texas A&M

I doubt we are added anytime soon. I can think of several schools who would probably be added ahead of us and as the numbers show, they don’t add schools very often.

Its the “Skull N Bones” of the academic community. Lets hope someone throws a bag over Renu’s head and whispers, “AAU…accept or decline?”


What would you say the greatest benefit of membership is? Other than the badge of honor of course.

The greatest is that it seems like it would improve our chances greatly of being invited to the PAC or BIG.

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It would be great to be a member but it’s still a country club. Thus we will still be a great university with AAU membership or without it.

It’s like joining a fraternity or not. I do not have to join a fraternity to have a successful career or have life long friends. It’s one of those things that looks nice on a resume.

To me AAU seems like an elitist group of academia. I suppose being a member, some doors of opportunity could open up.


What’s wrong with being labeled a commuter school? I graduated from UH when it was a so called commuter school and I ended up ok. You guys started believing the put downs other schools called UH and they won. Same with being in the 3rd ward. Or 7-11. F that!


The AAU emphasizes research. In that category it is not over
rated as its members get about 60% of government sponsored

In the past, it has published some metrics. They corresponded
closely to those from the MUP center which publishes The
Top American Research Universities Annual Report.

See “Indicators” in:


AAU is purely academic, has nothing to do with athletics or conference affiliation. It is a prestigious group that recognizes achievement in research and academics.

Sure, we will be a fine institution without being AAU and there are many good schools that are not AAU, but it is always good to have goals and being on the path to AAU, whether we get there or not, or it takes 20 years, means that the university is improving its academic profile and that is always a great thing.

Going back to athletics though, it would be one more ‘check’ on our side if a conference is considering us, even if we’re close. I think we will be a little far from AAU before the next round of realignment though

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