UTSA Attendance guesses

Do you think this will be a sellout? I see on ticketmaster there are still quite a bit of availability, mainly on UTSA side. It looks like the visitor side is pretty much sold out for the most part. I hope that we will see a lot of red on the home side. Also looks like they aren’t selling tickets for the upper section. I’m thinking it will be at least a 60/40 split in UH favor.

Probably not a sellout.

Wondering if our band will travel with us. Would love to womp womp in their stadium.

Won’t be a sellout, but they may end up giving all available tickets away. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them donate a bunch to the military closer to gameday.

Entire band will be going.


Doesn’t the band travel to each game?

The 3rd level of the Alamodome is not typically open for seating for UTSA Football. (They started that about 2 years ago.)

The capacity of the 1st and 2nd levels is 36,582.

I expect there to be around 25K UTSA fans and 3-5K of UH fans. I would really like to see closer to 35K total.

A portion usually goes to conference games. No idea if they’ll make the Arizona trip.

What was the total ticket allotment for UH? Those tickets sold out before I could get to them, so I’ll most likely be buying through Ticketmaster.

3-5 in the student section perhaps. We shall see.

That is pretty stout for UTSA. Good on ya! We were there about 8 years ago…Welcome to our board.

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I could be wrong, but my expectation would be significantly more than 3-5k Houston fans. Short road trip, fun city. The last time we had one of those was in '15 against Tulane, and there were at least that many Coogs in the stands. There are many more Coogs in SA than NOLA, and the trip is shorter. I would think in the 8k-10k range.


I was thinking around 10k for us at least. First game of the season and it’s a revenge game. Didn’t we #HTownTakeover Texas State last year?

It would be great if y’all got 10K there.

I’ll be surprised if there aren’t more than 5K UH fans in attendance. 10K sounds more like it.

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How many rows and seats are in sections 132-138? I know our group of 37 are in section 136, rows 30, 31 and 32 and those rows have 24 seats in them. Then there are still a few rows further back behind us.

From what the UTSA ticket office told me and looking at the map, UH should have a huge presence covering those sections. That should nearly make up 5000 UH fans in those sections alone.

Yep, there’s at least 5,000 seats in those sections.

Looking at the seating map on ticketmaster, there aren’t that many tickets available. Should be a great crowd.

Do they have the upper (300) section open? I have heard that they don’t have that section open for sale.

Early season, UTSA has drawn:

29,035 for Arizona St in 2016
29,424 for Kansas St in 2015
24,705 for Colo St in 2015
33,472 for Arizona in 2014
30,419 for New Mexico in 2014
40,977 for Okla St in 2013
32,487 for Houston in 2013

We can’t hit the Okla St number with the upper decks closed, but this game will exceed 30K.

And there will be at least 5K Houston fans there. Maybe 8-10K. Significantly more than came in 2013 because we have significantly more season ticket holders than we did in 2013.

We will have at least 10K there. We sold out our allotment and it is a nice, close roadie for many OOT Coogs as well. I am coming in with four from Georgetown.

That Okie State game was their 1st home game in their first full season as an FBS team plus vs Big 12. No surprise it’s their highest attendance