UW v Stanford: 23-0 in 2nd UW

Washington dominating Stanford. 4 sacks already with just a 4 man front.

Maybe the Pac12 champ won’t be making the playoff this year?

That’s what we want.

I mean Washington is just making Stanford look like an FCS team.

Want the trophy for GWJ…But Stanford getting stomped is a good thing for the Coogs (pun intended ) as long as washinton stays behind us in the polls.

I have a feeling UW will jump us, much like Louisville did when they beat FSU. They dominated tonight.

Need UW to lose to Oregon next week.

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Considering Washington has a VERY difficult schedule left and Stanford doesn’t, this was a great outcome for UH.

Washington, Utah and Az St are the only Pac 12 undefeateds left, and they all still have to play each other. After tonight, none of them play Stanford.


No defense in the BYU Toledo game … the rockets are small and fast and the mt cougars are big fat and all look like Roethlisburger …

BYU is too big and fat to catch the smaller faster rockets … however because of costly turnovers …

BYU is pulling the game out but don’t exactly look very impressive doing so.

This BYU-Toledo game is crazy. Toledo just took the lead 53-52 with 1:11 left on a 2 point conversion where the QB didn’t get the snap right, picked the ball up and threw it for a TD.

And BYU kicks a field goal to win it. Good for the Coogs as that basically eliminates Toledo from any NY6 bowl conversation.

Yep. This weekend is off to the perfect start.

A perfect ending would be:

OU beats TCU (SOS)
Louisville beats Clemson (SOS)
Navy beats AF (SOS)
Memphis beats Ole Miss (SOS)
Tulane beats UMass (SOS)

Texas beats Okla St (Strong)
A&M beats South Carolina (Sumlin)

Not worrying about a&m one bit. So, I hope they lose to SC.

Ole Miss will beat memphis, imo.

We need the Big12 top teams to have 2 losses each … one early is not good enough and they can recover …

The aggies could be going into a trap today but their defense should pull the game out.

I am worried about Navy … if the AF game is close or they lose then their offense is still struggling

The word from Dallas is if Stoops loses to TCU and Texas then he will be the second Miles to bite the dust.

Stoops is something like 34-0 coming off a bye week. They roll TCU today.

Further, they just made the playoffs last year. No way do they fire Stoops this year.

A Longhorn season ticket friend is hoping for a 5-7 season and a loss today. Go Horns!

If Stoops gets fired at OK this year no matter his record, then CFB has just gone really mad in a really bad way.

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