Value of Football to Univ of Houston... 30% increase in applications

Per front page article in Houston Chronicle this AM… There was a 30% increase in applications to UH after Peach Bowl

New photo by Steven Dennis

If you read “Saturday Millionaires: How Winning Football Builds Winning Colleges” by Kristi Dosh, this is one of the key reasons why athletics is not a drain on the university.

“While applications may see a bump after a big bowl win,” the key is to make sure those students are of increasingly higher caliber. TCU has had large increases in applications and that helps lower its acceptance rate but I’ve read that the quality of applicant hasn’t improved much. Their average SAT scores are about 150 points below SMU’s. I’ll sure take a 30% increase vs. the alternative. A big 5 conference invite should provide another, even larger bump.

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