Vehicle thermostat

This morning the thermostat on my Ford truck with just 36,900 miles went out per the code. Of course right after/outside of the warranty. What would cause this to go out so quickly? I get all ‘recommended’ services done like clockwork.


You might be able to reset it. Go on line. My new F150 with all of the options had its big screen go blue on me. I did a search, performed the quick fix and voila. It did it again 10k miles (24k miles now/I am very busy) and did the same trick solved it again. The one I do not like? You are low on oil/change oil soon
even though I have had my oil changed. Besides these “gremlins” the new F150 is awesome. Good luck Gary.


I can’t stand having to go to the dealership and wait for hours. This is the good side of net. You can usually find a solution for low mileage issues.

It could be faulty sensor or computer error most likely. But a reset would fix it. If it comes back it’s the sensor that was just defective.

Disconnect the battery, reconnect and see if you still have an issue. Sometimes a weak battery will cause issues. My wife’s 4 wheel drive Xterra had readings that there was transmission problems. My battery was weak, changed it out, no more problem.


Sometimes components are just defective.

Is the truck overheating (i.e., thermo stuck closed) or did you just get the code?

If you got a code and not overheating, its probably stuck open. In such case the engine will likely struggle to reach operating temperature.

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That is good advice for lots of things. Disconnect negative and then disconnect positive.
Then go have a cup of coffee or two. Next , login to coogfans and read 10 posts and
respond to at least two. Then finish job in reverse order. Important to wait awhile for some electrical things, not trying to be funny. Good luck. Doesn’t fix everything
but worth a shot. And a weak battery can cause a host of weird problems too as previously
mentioned above. Check with voltmeter, it should be about 12.5 volts. If less replace. But even
a reading of 12.5 volts does not means it’s okay. Test load at auto parts store.