Very Interesting QB Comment by Dana

Apparently Dana said that the backup QB was decided after last Wednesday’s practice. It was between Ike and Holman.

Holman has been here for 6 weeks. Another QB on our roster has been here for all of 2020 and 2021. 2 Spring practices and 2 Fall practices.

That is Massoud.

Per Dana’s analysis Holman has beaten him out for 3rd place in a mere 6 weeks.

Does this portend that Massoud will, literally, never play QB for UH?

If Tune does not return our pecking order in 2022 would be: Ike/Holman, Kopp, our 2022 QB recruit

Kopp is being redshirted. In 2022 he gets evaluated against Massoud. Kopp May well win that.

Massoud seems on track to get squeezed out. Again, I am amazed that Holman can come in here and beat out Massoud in only 6 weeks.

We may well see Holman as our 2022 starting QB and thus he becomes our first Big 12 QB in 2023.

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Nobody is guaranteed a spot, and what makes it more difficult is the fact that we are joining the Big 12.

I don’t think Massoud sees the light of day at UH. I don’t know anything about this Kopp kid other than the fact that he was invited to the Elite 11. My prediction thinks his ego gets the best of him and he transfers somewhere where he can be a starter. Not saying an ego is a bad thing, but we all know how this works.

I’m sure higher ranked QBs are gonna want to take a look at UH, the current competition level, and say “hey I can be the starter there and be on national tv every Saturday.”

I watched Massoud and all the QBs on the sideline very closely during the Tune went down and then later when Ike went down and we had to call a timeout to “buy” him back into the game without him skipping a play.
Everyone, even Kopp, jumped up, grabbed their helmets etc like they were ready to go EXCEPT for Massoud. It was almost like he wasn’t there. Don’t know what that means or what if anything can be read into that but that’s what happened from the Sidelines.

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Holman is also older and more experienced in general. It seems like this season will be Tune, then Ike, then Holman. Younger guys are waiting until next year for any type of action. The plan may be for Tune to forego his last season and then the new QB starts his reign.

I just don’t see why we would start Tune over Ike at this point. The offense felt electric with Ike. Something I never felt with Tune this season even at Rice.

My hope is that CDH is just saying all of this to keep Navy guessing


I think it just means that he is aware of the depth chart.
Despite our fans just now acknowledging what the real depth chart is… Dana has made it obvious it was Holman and Edwards for about 2months now

One random thing I liked about massoud is when Ike had his helmet knocked off in the 2nd… like you noted Holman was excited to get that 3rd down snap…then Dana called a timeout to get Ike back in… you could see Holman disappointed, massoud jogged to Holman to cheer him up


Not good news for Massoud or Kopp, who are not even 3rd team.

Dana rarely plays mind games …he is straight forward, sometimes too straight forward

To me it’s obvious tune is still the starter from his comments so far… but at the same time based on health reason, he might not play vs navy

Also it was Grambling and I wouldn’t call the offense vs them electric…let’s not oversell what we saw… but I do agree on the sense that we have nothing to lose in giving another an a shot… tune isn’t going anywhere, we can put him back if things aren’t going well


Just my opinion but I think coach is grooming Kopp to be our next quarterback at least by the time he is a sophomore.
Kid has size and he can sling it around.
I like Ike this year especially if we can actually have success running the ball.
We should learn a lot playing against Navy’s disciplined defense Saturday.
But I agree Tune gets the start if healthy with Ike on close standby

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Massoud probably out of here after this season, Kopp just got here so we will see how he progresses for next year


Its never to early for Coogfans to figure who is going leave. Frankly none of you know anything about our QBs, i see why Twinmom says the players laugh at the forum.


This is a forum where fans discuss things. Title of this forum didn’t say insider info only.


Yeah they should be laughing at us. If they are letting the opinions of a bunch of middle-aged to old people effect them… That would be way more of a problem.

We all were pretty excited when Massoud committed and came here. The fact that he’s been passed over on the depth chart by a walk on, and some guy recruited over the summer doesn’t leave him a lot of options. He’s either not developing at the expected rate, or he’s buried in the doghouse. If he’s not getting honest feedback and getting alternatives lined up he’s doing himself a disservice.


Predicting players leaving school based on nothing more than PT is great discussion after game three of the season. Carry on…


When one of the games in nothing more than a public scrimmage it does matter. That’s when backups play.

Or he is freshman still learning. I saw the dude carrying a clip board during the game.

Now your advocating that he looks around, absurd from our “fans”

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Got to leave in the hands of our coach. He’s getting paid to make the decisions. If his choices prove him to be incompetent, his leadership will be terminated, and we’ll move on!

My prayer is, “ Holgerson, please be the man we thought you would be! Take our team into the B12 and achieve heights to us unknown!”


We were the only team that offered him a chance to play QB. I think he either switches positions or will try to find another tram that will let him play QB.

Massoud probably isn’t throwing enough interceptions in practice to get on coaches good side. Or maybe he’s going through all his progressions. Pretty obvious that’s frowned upon.