Veterans Day

Just a short note of humble thanks to all of our Veterans, on this Board or not…we live in the greatest country and society in human history, in large part due the sacrifices of our service men and women.
Bravo !!!


I can’t speak for all vets; but I feel it was a priviledge and I am greatful that I was allowed to serve my country.


This vet was proud to serve my country.


Thank you for your service and God bless!


Feel the same, it was a privilege and an honor to serve


To all our veterans, thank you for your service and god bless. Those lost in the line of duty will never be forgotten.


Vets are a blessing to our country


I didn’t do that much. Never shot at, never slept in the mud or ate cold food. I did my time in the Navy Reserve - active duty in the Pacific. I honor all those who served particularly the mud marines. Every one of them I have met were impressive young (now old) men.


You did your part by doing what you were ordered to do where the Navy sent you to do it. Some get glory, some get bored; but, we all did what our country asked us to do. None of us had control of that and just went where we were sent and did what we were trained to do.


Just happy to have made it through.


My brother, my neighbor, a schoolmate from grade school and UH all spent six years together (some of the time). One was a medic, one an office worker, one a specialist in metal testing and I was a C 119 and C 130 mechanic. We each enjoyed the time we spend at Ellington AFB from 1967 thru somewhere around 1975. Ran into a fellow while eating lunch @ the Wharton CC that went into the same unit one week prior to me. Spent his time on the flight line, I was in the hanger. Don’t know that we ever crossed paths, except when signing in each day. Small world we live in.


I spent a year in Turkey at a small base on the Black Sea. Still one of the most interesting and enlightening experiences of my life. The rest of the time I was in D.C. and North Carolina. This small town Texas boy sure had my eyes opened after 3 years.


The Army took me to more than 20 countries…most of which I’m pretty sure I never would have seen had I chosen another line of work. Granted, some of those countries truly were awful, but many were beautiful and exciting. Great experience!


Rayos attitude is shared by many. We hear it more with those who about to assume the levers of power. As a country we have made mistakes but we have also got many things right. For my part I am proud of be an American and a veteran. At my funeral I hope someone will remind those there that I had three loves in this order:
My family
My university
My country


OMG, you’re so woke! If only I hadn’t traveled the world and worked with great people, but rather “educated” myself about how horrible America is, I would be able to see through the blindness that patriotism caused me!


I have been to far more countries than most (82 countries), and I have never been anywhere that I regretted going there. That includes every state in the USA; every continent (including Antarctica); been around the world once; been to almost every country in Europe and to the continent so many times I have literally forgotten how many; been to Russia 3 times, once when it was still the Soviet Union.

I have always been treated well - everywhere. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I doubt it!


We are fighting in Afghanistan and half the people want us there for protection from the other half. Other than that, we don’t have occupying forces anywhere I can of. We have bases in countries that want us there – like Germany. When it was proposed that we close bases there, they pleaded with us not to.

Our bases provide a large positive economic impact to the areas in which they reside. In Guantanamo, we have a paid lease we insist on keeping, but that is not an occupying presence.

When our fleet pulls into foreign ports, it is by invitation from a greatful city that is happy to have thousands of sailors spending their money buying all manor of things.

Maybe you should educate yourself on the truth instead of anti American propaganda.


I agree that we should be pulling back with a much reduced world wide presence. Pity is the Commander in Chief was doing that and now Rayos just elected a guy who won’t


Truth. And you have to wonder how many folks in the U.S. are currently fluent in Chinese?



I guess my only response to that would be to say that I took an oath to protect your right to believe and express whatever views you like, however misguided they might be.

And while I may not agree with what you had to say above, I absolutely defend your right to say it!

That said, I would argue that our presence in other countries has overall been more positive than negative, or at least, that was true in my own experience.

Also, even in Afghanistan (where I served two long tours), there were every bit as many people who wanted us there as not. In most of the countries that I went to, we were more popular than not, actually.

“Paper” patriotism??? Whatever man. I don’t think that anyone that knows me would EVER doubt my very real and sincere love for the USA. It’s far more than mere “paper.”

How can you claim that there was nothing “personal” in your post, and then say something like that? Please be candid in your response!