Victory Monday

I saw Cougar Pride on twitter is pushing Victory Monday donations. So you would donate based on the win margin, so $3 for the Arizona game and $35 for the Rice game.

This is a smart idea and not sure how many people have noticed or donated. This is similar to my grassroots push last year when I encouraged everyone to donate $12 in honor of the Big 12 stupidity or $7 ea in honor of Keenum and Klinger number retirement, etc.

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Will they give everyone money back on the rare occasions where we lose?

That said, I’ve seen a lot of other people donating the full score to the school (so, for example, Kentucky fans donating $41.38 for their Louisville game last year) and I think that idea is pretty cool, too.


I’m sure they will accept those who donate the full score or the combined score as well. :slight_smile:

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