Vote for G. Ward for Davey O'Brien award

Lamar Jackson leads by a bunch at this point.

Vote daily.

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I can’t find Gary Ward on the list…


Ward moves back into second place, but not by much.

I’m on board.

They are not limiting us to a daily vote, like last year, I just moved him up about 200 votes.

Bookmark the following and you can spam it and run up votes:

I bet I could move him into first by 4:00

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I way overshot 4:00, job done, and yes, the fact that I could do that, makes me think the fan vote is BS.

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Lamar Jackson is an incredible athlete and a really good QB–no doubt. But I’m a little shocked at the drooling people are doing over him right now. His team has played FCS Charlotte and a terrible Syracuse team. If he goes out and does to FSU tomorrow what he has done to Charlotte and Syracuse, then let’s talk.

I wish there was a super like button for this comment! :football:

Mods can we pin this link/thread?

GWIII is in the mix. Keep voting Coogs!

I stand by most post from before, in the mix is silly, I can single handedly bump him to first in 5 min, will do it now.

Done again. Way less than 5 min, way less ground to make up than 3 days ago. What the hell, put him clear of Lamar by 50 votes.



Mods, please pin.


Keep voting for Greg!

Ok, I will move him up to the front again.

done, 250+ votes clear of LJ

Louisville has a ‘bot’ working the vote.

Not necessarily, you can vote as many times as you want, and by putting a bookmark with the address I posted above in it, you can literally tally over a 100 votes a minute.

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