Ware wins Heisman

Ware wins Heisman

The first game of that season I had a very large “Ware for Heisman” banner in the upper deck in the Astrodome. Anybody here remember that sign? Later I gave the sign to Andre. It was the first time “Ware for Heisman” was promoted.


What an odd time to publish something like this. College football is over, basketball is ramping up.

@GoUH70 , I remember that sign and I remember that season well. Fun times.

@BradFromHouston Strange thing is that they just reprinted the original article. Not sure why they didn’t run that a month ago on the anniversary of him winning the Heisman when there was some buzz around it. Trying to figure out the Chronicle sometimes is a lesson in futility.

“Heisman that’s Ware its at” I have to find that T-shirt.

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