Warthogs In Texas?


My Mom tells a story that a javelina one time ran out in front of her and circled the car snorting in our country neighborhood near Dayton…

But I’ve only seen wild boar in TX personally…

Actually, hit 2 of them in an Isuzu Trooper when i was in high school.

We were camping at Big Bend and were getting ready to leave for a day of exploring. Park Ranger walks up and says “You leaving your tent up?” I said yes and he replied “I wouldn’t do that because javalinas, they don’t make a mess going in but the create a big one getting back out”.

I put the tent down.

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So… Moral of the story… Use a trailer when camping there… Got it! :grin:

Awful long way to haul a trailer. Tents offer more flexibility, oh, and, a 4 wheel drive.

Those pop-up tents for trooper type SUVs are pretty cool…

I went to high school in Falfurrias and one summer worked on the King Ranch. Saw plenty of javelinas.

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Dayton is east of Houston, though…

My brother has alot of Javelinas in his ranch neadmr del rio. Shot one once, thought it was a wild hog. Then the rest of the heard didn’t run, I realized it was a javelina.