Way-too-early AAC basketball preview 2022-23: Projected standings, sleeper


Good article, but also one more that is apparently sleeping on Emanuel Sharp. My guess is most people will know his name by the end of next season.


Pretty accurate though I think Memphis is vulnerable at #2.
I would bump up Temple a few spots.
SMU will have to prove something for me to believe.

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Maybe im too high on Tulane, but i think they could finish higher than 5th. Cook, Forbes, Cross. They didn’t lose anyone and added some nice pieces.

I looked at Memphis projected roster, currently. Whos their shooters? Quinones, Harris and Nolley are gone. Teams are gonna force the ball out of Davis hands and these other guys will have to make shots, is what i forsee

If Landers Nolley plays more consistent, and can become that dangerous 3pt threat for them, then Cincy could be that #2 team in our league. I think they have more depth than Memphis.

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Losing those three were huge losses especially to the defensive end. Then add in the loss of their true difference-maker in the middle, Duren. Losing Bates also hurts since he was a high upside talent.
While K.Davis can play I have seen him get worn down at times at SMU playing such big minutes. Now he comes to a new team that may be expecting him to do a whole lot, including playing full court defense.
Even if this team does come together, I can see another slow start. One that I am not sure they will be able to dig out of to make the dance.


Looks like a good write-up to me!

Memphis has a key returnee that will hold them down……. Penny Hardaway !

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Hilarious that the headline doesn’t mention his most current coaching experience…


I’m no basketball expert but I like the way Hunter coaches and I think he’ll get the most out of his team. How that translates in the standings we’ll have to wait and see. The potential is there for better than 5th place, I think.

Hunter needs to get out of that gimmick zone though. I think it hurts them on the boards.

So once again their assistant coach is much better than their HC.

Dating back to when we played his Georgia State team in the tourney he has said he doesn’t care about rebounding. So, until he has a team full of knock down shooters, I think middle of the pack is the best he can hope for.

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Or until next year when UH & Cincy are gone lol


Lol! Touché.

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