We are a football school

It’s a joke. Relax a bit. Deep breaths. It was just a game. I wanted us to win too, but we didn’t. Stuff happens


We’re a volleyball school


And you could throw track in there too. Glad to see Leroy Burrell at the game today. He’s in town recruiting for Auburn

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It’s my experience of reading negative, highly charged, emotional, unflattering comments from Coogfan members towards the team and/or coaching staff after a loss, you’d swear we’re a drama school.


We were a golf school. Prove me wrong.

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I don’t think its that crazy. Some wonder about the slow down and the missed shots, but overall I think the board has been pretty tame. As far as Sampson goes, even Kasparov loses chess matches. There are a lot of great coaches out there. They beat each other.

We do have one of the better creative writing programs in the country.

I thought we were a women’s swimming school

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True…we are the bluest of Blue Bloods in that sport!

Magnus has been the champ since 2013 and holds the record for not losing for 125 straight games over 2+ years

Volleyball swept Bama this year.

I know that but Kasparov plays about 300 matches a week online.

I think Bama’s football team would score more points vs UH than their basketball team