We are in a recession but to some numbers do not matter. Instead they keep changing this thread's title. What does that tell you?

It’s NBER’s call; no confusion or discussion about that.

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No I am just calling it as it goes its always been called.

Says who? Explain 2020.

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You mean the pandemic? It was a recession

Literally not happening. This is another false thing you believe.


Which shows you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Amazingly, you think the media calls it. The media. Really? Or that there is only one economic indicator that decides it.

Why am I not socked?


Not per your definition of consecutive quarters. That must not be the definition then.


The administration is playing semantic games. Just admit it already.


Admin doesn’t get to call it. NBER does.


I couldn’t come up with a better example of projecting if I tried.

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The Dem & Media talking points seem to include:

… there is no recession…
… the economy is not stagnant…
… inflation is transitory…
… gasoline & grocery prices are coming down…
… there’s no such thing as “stag-flation”…
… it’s all just an illusion…
… it’s Putin’s fault…
… it’s Trump’s fault…


You forgot, we are going to stick it to those rich corporations customers, lol


Maybe when it full blown crashes, yal still be here on coog fans debating if its still in recession

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Disclaimer i am not a finance guy, you guys just like to disagree to disagree

No, when unemployment and other things crash and NBER calls it…then there is nothing to argue about.

It’s very possible that’s going to happen. But it hasn’t happened yet.

Who are media lap dogs now?


You are correct

Couple graphs to consider…First this visual should help everyone understand that economic indicators with events the last few years have not been anywhere near typical…

I mean dang…look at that ying-yang!

Here is their recession indicating chart, not updated yet for July obviously…

'Memba back in 2008 during the lead up to the election when Republicans were screaming the economy was fine?

LOL. The most consistent thing in politics is right wingers making stuff up to suit their needs at the moment.

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Definitely not your grandpa’s recession, but a recession it is.

Shocking that people actually depend on or listen to politicians for information or advice on economics, science or anything of that sort when the majority of them have no idea what they’re talking about


Neither the admin nor NBER define reality or the language. They are certainly welcome to express their opinions about whether or not we are in recession.

Recession is a subjective term in popular discourse.

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