We are up for a good season whether you like it or not

2021 Projections

Projected SP+ rank: 69th

Projected record: 8-4 (5-3)

  • Likely wins*: Grambling (93% win probability), at UConn (89%), at Temple (80%), Navy (78%), ECU (71%), at USF (70%), at Rice (68%)
  • Relative tossups: SMU (53%), vs. Texas Tech (51%), Memphis (47%), at Tulane (43%), at Tulsa (36%)
  • Likely losses: none

It’s good to know we are not likely to lose any games.

My headline is tongue in cheek for those who want regime change.

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Class of 1926. That’s a good icon. Not everyone will get that

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The season is served up to Dana on a silver platter in his third year. There’s really no excuse at this point.

One of three things will happen:

Dana (the p5 coach with the intergalactic offensive mind) will expose the conference as less than worthy. 10+ wins

The four-year rebuild will become obvious (and we next years favorite) 8-9 wins

The conference exposes Dana (and sets the admin into re-think mode) 7 or less wins

I’m thinking the second one. I think Dana has his defense set up and will spend this year perfecting his system and growing up all the sophomores.

Crossing fingers and staying positive!

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This is my hope as well.

Defense will be really good. I’ll leave it at that.

Maybe I’ve seen too much bad from the offense the last few years. Hopefully they can put a whole game together and not just one great half and a bust the 2nd.


I am cautiously optimistic.

I would absolutely love for us to open up a can on Texas Tech to set the tone for the season.


Navy is always hard.
Can’t believe Tulsa is predicted as our toughest game


Yes and Dana gets extended. (for better or worse)

See y’all at NRG! Go Coogs!

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This is a very manageable schedule. I think SMU and Memphis are the two most challenging games. Tech is terrible. Losing to Tulane or Tulsa would be completely unacceptable.

We get both of them on short weeks on the road. Tulsa is coming off a nice season and returns a lot of guys, wouldn’t call that one unacceptable. On paper Tech, SMU, and probably even Memphis should be easier than Tulsa.

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Some prognosticators are projecting Tulane 2nd in the AAC.

I still insist that with all the uncertainty and intrigue about realignment our Tech game will be our most significant of the last decade. Got to show everyone we belong in the favored few.


I want to beat them just for show. Just to put them in their place down at Baylor’s level. The rest is icing.


Yeah, this is really all I care about. I just want to shut them up. You can see how highly they think of themselves with this new Texas Tech cat on our board. They call us Cougar High when UH has a higher enrollment, it’s harder to get into and UH is rated higher than them.

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Lets call it “The We’re _____ Sick of you Bowl”.

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Yep you are most likely on spot

Are we (a public school in the nation’s 3rd largest city) really counting our higher enrollment as something to brag about against a school in the middle of West Texas?

We have plenty to take pride in without having to put others down. I haven’t seen any Tech fans come on here and put our school down. And to be fair, almost every other large school has called us “Cougar High” at one point in time or another. Can’t we just keep our heads high and beat them?

Heck, many of the folks on here act like bigger jerks than any of the friends I’ve made over the years from UT, A&M or elsewhere.

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