We aren't the Globetrotters

Anyone notice we try to play extremely flashy until it hurts us? Specifically this year. We aren’t the Globetrotters. We don’t have Brison, Quentin, Gorham, or Jarreau to do that.

We gotta make free throws and attack the basket.

Edwards and Shead were MVPs here.

No, I haven’t noticed that.


Not sure what you mean. I do think we played pretty loose with the ball today–a lot of bad passes and fumbles in catching passes. But I don’t think any of that was attempting to play flashy.

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Does that mean I got ripped off when I bought tickets to our game against the Washington Generals?


I dont know what youre talking about, havent seen that

Maybe you’ve been watching another team by mistake

Sasser didn’t play well on offense, we missed free throws and EVERYBODY played terrible on defense in the first half… That was the problem yesterday… Nothing more, nothing less.

The globetrotters always win